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Restaurant Review: Orinoco

Last weekend, I celebrated my birthday with a delicious feast at Orinoco restaurant in Brookline Village. Orinoco specializes in Venezuelan cuisine, which I had never tried before until recently. I had read great reviews and as expected, this restaurant was perfect for celebrations – great food, great drinks, and great ambiance. They also have locations in the South End and Harvard Square.

I am a big fan of mojitos especially in the summertime because they’re so refreshing. At Orinoco, my friends and I tried both the autentico version and the mixed berries; both were tasty, but I prefer the autentico, which was made …


A Piece of Cake

I’ve been celebrating a lot of family birthdays lately – five, to be precise – and we’re only three months into 2013! With every celebration, we always have a sweet ending: cake from a local bakery or homemade desserts. Here are the different kinds of cake that I’ve been enjoying.

We celebrated my grandma’s birthday in early January, and her favorite cake comes from Eldo Cake House in Boston’s Chinatown. Eldo’s signature cake is a yellow sponge cake that is spread with sweet whipped cream and filled with assorted fruits (strawberries, mangoes, peaches, and kiwis). They also sell small individual servings …


French macarons

French macarons have been on my baking bucket list for a while now – ever since I tasted it for the first time in 2009 from MacarOn Café in New York City. A macaron (not to be confused with a macaroon with 2 o’s) is a delicate French cookie sandwich, whose main ingredients are egg whites, sugars, and almond powder/flour. It has an eggshell-like texture and chewy consistency. This trendy dessert comes in a variety of colors, flavors, and fillings (i.e. ganache, buttercream, fruit jams).
I have visited several famous macaron bakeries, including Ladurée, Bouchon, La Maison du Chocolat, Miette, and Nadège Patisserie. Unfortunately, good ones are …


Birthday Cake Pops

cake push up pops from nycake.com
It’s my birthday so cake I will eat! In honor of my own big day a cake-gadget had to be in order. Even though turning twenty three isn’t a major milestone like turning twenty one or twenty five, as my father reminded me this morning when he called to wish me a happy day, I still think it’s appropriate to talk about cake today.
I found the cutest little gadget that is perfect for a birthday at any age. Similar to the cake-pop maker that I blogged about many Thursdays ago, the Cake Push Up Tubes …


Yummy Yogurt

Soy yogurt from fatfreevegan.com
The latest trend in yogurt has been showing up everywhere over the past few years, from grocery stores to coffee shops, convenient stores and more. At first I was skeptical. The plain, sugar-free flavor of greek style yogurt was boring and bland compared to the fruity flavors of Yoplait‘s apple turnover and boston-cream-pie-delights that I was used to.
But soon enough, greek yogurt worked it’s way into my heart and is now one of my most desired snacks. Chobani is definitely my brand of choice.
Vanilla Chobani
The “fruit on the bottom” makes it all worthwhile with flavors like peach …


Milk Chocolate Birthday Cake

This weekend I went home for my best friends birthday. I am always the one out of my group of friends who is put in charge of making the cake. ( I hope it would be obvious by now why this is!) Generally, my friend requests carrot cake, as it may very well be the best thing I make. However this year I heard not one peep from her regarding the cake so I decided to mix things up. I wanted to do something smore’s themed, since that is one of her favorite sweet treats, but I didn’t want the …


Presidents like desserts too!

Since Monday is Presidents’ Day, I thought it would be appropriate to focus today’s blog on our fearless leaders, past and present. Don’t worry, this post will not be a long history lesson. Instead, I’ve done a little research on some of the desserts that famous presidents have eaten and enjoyed.


Let’s start with our current and 44th president, Barack Obama. Did you know that Mr. President loves peach cobbler, specifically the one served at Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop in Chicago? Here is a video of his rave review back in 2001. Cobbler is a fruity dessert baked with a top crust that’s made of batter, …



Whipped Cream: The perfect addition to any dessert. Light, sweet, undeniably delicious; whipped cream is the secret ingredient that can make-or-break your birthday cake, or any kind of cake for that matter. For the true sweet-tooth chef cool-whip ‘a la can’ just doesn’t cut it. It’s the homemade, hand-whipped (or mix-master whipped) stuff that really gets my taste buds singing “More, please!”
But really, who wants to take the time to whip the cream into silky perfection? My mother, being strictly against canned-whip, is known for making everyone wait to eat dessert until she whips the cream. And the whipping of …


Sweet As Pie

Some may say pie is the perfect dessert. Enjoyed warm, straight from the cooling rack, topped with whipped cream or paired with cool vanilla ice cream. It doesn’t matter how you serve it, pie has become an all-American, always delicious dessert. Everyone has their favorite kind of pie. For me, it’s homemade coconut cream pie.
My 21st Birthday Coconut Cream Pie
At my family Christmas party everyone always saves room for Auntie Judy’s orange, lime, and chocolate pudding pies with the graham cracker crust. Last week for Thanksgiving it was my mother’s sweet-but-tart, out-of-this-world lemon meringue pie that makes my mouth water …


Baked Brie

Baked Brie

I feel like I may be cheating you with this recipe because it is just TOO easy, but once you taste it you’ll know why I felt the inclination, no the necessity, to share it with you. Cheese has been for a long time one of my favorite foods. As a vegetarian of 10 years I may actually say that it has been my saving grace. Most of my protein intake comes from dairy, and most of that dairy intake comes from cheese. It doesn’t always have to be fancy, high-class cheese either – I find the perfect mid …