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Bringing Back the Bread

If you have not completely unplugged during quarantine you’ve most likely seen #breadbaking storming across Instagram and Twitter. Across the globe users are posting a range of impressive creations from brioche burger buns to sour dough with an image of their dog scored into them. Among the deluge of new hobbies being shown off across social media it is surprising to see perfectly baked bread a sour dough loafs thrown in the mix. Prompted by empty shelves at the grocery store and too much free time, bread baking has been called a return to our heritage. In a period when …


Peachy keen smoothie

A recent study may show that peaches may slow the growth and ability to spread of breast cancer cells. Did you really need an excuse to eat more peaches? But, if you’re stuck in the northeast where we had snow on the ground yesterday (in mid-April!), fresh peaches may be out of the question.
That’s ok! Did you know that frozen fruits and vegetables often have more nutrients than their fresh counterparts because they’re frozen at their peak of ripeness? And you know what frozen fruit means…smoothies! This recipe calls for a cup of frozen peaches, which I estimate is about …


Bantam Bagels Delivers!

One dream can change a couple’s life! Meet Elyse, who grew up in Needham, and her husband Nick who now reside in New York and are the owners of Bantam Bagels the mini filled bagel balls bakery that is taking New York by storm!
How did this new venture start?  It all started with a dream Nick had and one day later they were baking and tasting this new concept.  They eventually left their fast paced Wall Street careers and opened Bantam Bagels on Bleecker Street in New York City!
Now if you are lucky to live in certain states, these Bantam …


NY Eats

Last Friday, I visited the Big Apple for a day trip. The options for good eats in NYC are endless – so many, that it would probably take me years to blog about all the delicious restaurants, bakeries, food trucks that I’ve tried and would like to try. For today’s post, I’ll share with you some of my favorite dessert stops in the concrete jungle. No cronut visit, unfortunately.

My favorite place to get the best red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting is Two Little Red Hens bakery on the Upper East Side. Yes, I truly think their red velvet reigns supreme …


The Summer Grain Bowl

Ah, the Grain Bowl. It has many iterations, and although the little tea room that once sold it has gone out of business, I make it my business to revive it every so often.
The basic elements of a Grain Bowl are raw vegetables (the green salad that makes up the base), a hot grain (or in this case, lentils), and cooked vegetables over the top. In the fall, I like to make Grain Bowls with roast ed maple root vegetables. But in the summer, I love some roasted asparagus and tomatoes, fresh basil, and spinach dressed in balsamic.
Making each component takes …


Fish Tacos

I posted last week about a review of studies published in the British Medical Journal which concluded that eating fish 2-3 times per week could lower the risk of developing breast cancer. Here’s another omega-3 filled meal that’s perfect for summer: Fish tacos!

Fish tacos
For 4 servings
Vegetable oil
1 pound firm white fish, like tilapia or cod
8 corn tortillas
1 avocado
1-2 limes
1/4 cup fresh cilantro leaves
1/2 cup salsa (I use Trader Joe’s chipotle salsa)
1/2 cup sour cream or Greek yogurt
Pickled cabbage or carrots (I used this recipe)
In a medium saucepan, heat a little vegetable oil over medium heat. Slice fish lengthwise in to strips about an …


Tuna Salad in Avocado Halves

Reducing your risk of breast cancer could be as easy as opening a can of tuna. A review of 26 studies published a few weeks ago in the British Medical Journal  found that women who eat more omega-3 fatty acids had a lower risk of developing breast cancer.

Research also shows that omega-3s are good for the heart, by lowering triglycerides and bood pressure.
One of the best sources for omega-3s is fish. We all have a can of tuna gathering dust in the cupboard, but here’s how to dress it up a little more than the usual bland tuna salad. This …


Treating Herself To Happiness: An Interview with Adie Sprague of Treat Cupcake Bar

Upon entering Treat Cupcake Bar, the tantalizing aroma of fresh from the oven cupcakes wraps you in warmth and nostalgia, immediately transporting you back to the comfort of your childhood kitchen. The vibrant colors, fun fonts, eye-catching display case, and full view of the open workspace alive with activity and bustling bakers all contribute to the visually enticing environment and cheerful ambience. Featuring classic flavors and delightful decorations evocative of birthday parties gone by, the menu selections showcased would tempt the taste buds of the most discerning sweet tooth and enthuse any kid or kid-at-heart. You can’t help but be …


Restaurant Technology

In the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in the use of technology as far as food is concerned. You can order food online, pay online, look up restaurant reviews on the go, and scan menus of restaurants without leaving your house. And of course, there’s the cupcake ATM and Pinterest. So, in honor of that, here are a few apps and other innovative ways technology is influencing the way we dine out.

Picture Menus: Who hasn’t been at a restaurant, seen a plate of food, and thought, “This is so pretty I should take a picture?” Well, most people …


Trend Spotlight: Chia Seeds

Much like Quinoa, chia seeds are something that I’ve come across a lot lately, in articles and in stores. It’s not so much that they’re new but that they’re gaining in popularity and have made their way into energy bars and other snacks. So, in case you’re not really sure what all the fuss is about, here is a bit of information about them.
Chia seeds are native to Southwestern US, Mexico, and some parts of South America and they’ve been around for centuries. They come in either black or white but the black seeds are easier to find; …