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I’ve been celebrating a lot of family birthdays lately – five, to be precise – and we’re only three months into 2013! With every celebration, we always have a sweet ending: cake from a local bakery or homemade desserts. Here are the different kinds of cake that I’ve been enjoying.


eldo fruit cake

We celebrated my grandma’s birthday in early January, and her favorite cake comes from Eldo Cake House in Boston’s Chinatown. Eldo’s signature cake is a yellow sponge cake that is spread with sweet whipped cream and filled with assorted fruits (strawberries, mangoes, peaches, and kiwis). They also sell small individual servings of the sponge cake, if you just want one on-the-go.



My cousin’s birthday was this past weekend, and we both love the strawberry shortcake from Lilly’s Cafe & Bakery in Watertown. This is not the typical strawberry shortcake with biscuits. It is actually an airy yellow cake with light whipped cream frosting. The cake is beautifully decorated with chocolate covered strawberries and crushed almonds all around.



Flour Bakery + Cafe is one of my favorite bakeries, famous for Joanne Chang’s sticky bun and other sweet confections such as house-made Oreos, macaroons, meringues, cookies, and tarts. Did you know that they make delicious cakes as well? The lemon-raspberry cake has the perfect tartness from the lemon curds and raspberry jam in between fluffy yellow pound cake layers, all complemented by the sweet buttercream frosting. Presentation is simple but aesthetic: a round cake covered in white frosting with a glazed yellow top surface and garnished with assorted berries.



I have also tried Flour Bakery‘s triple chocolate mousse cake (milk, dark, and white chocolate). I love the smooth, ice cream texture of the mousse in between flourless chocolate cake layers. It has a polished presentation: shiny, milk chocolate coating outlined in white icing and also garnished with some berries. This is a great choice for the chocoholics.


cookie dough

Ever since Crumbs Bakery opened in the greater Boston area, I’ve been able to enjoy their scrumptious cupcakes frosted in buttercream; in the past, I’d have to go to New York to get my fix. Crumbs also makes a “Colossal” version of their famous cupcakes in all different flavors to choose from. For my sister’s birthday, her favorite is the cookie dough, which came with a giant cookie topping and a melty, rich chocolate center. My other favorite flavor is the red velvet. This giant cupcake is unique for birthdays or any celebration.


If you’re having a celebration soon, consider getting a cake from any of these fine bakeries! Happy Friday!

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