About Bakes for Breast Cancer

Bakes for Breast Cancer is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that funds breast cancer research. Since 1999, the organization has provided the funds for 20 oncology doctors to conduct life-saving breast cancer research.


No parent should lose a child, no child should lose a parent, no spouse should lose a spouse, and no friend should lose a friend to breast cancer. Our mission is to end cancer by funding cancer prevention and treatment research. The money we raise enables oncologists to start their research. (This is the first step in the process.) From there, they can go to the next step where bigger grants are available.

Who we fund

Grants for breast cancer research are at an all-time low, and obtaining the funds to get started can be difficult. That’s why Bakes for Breast Cancer supports up-and-coming breast cancer researchers by helping fund the first steps of their important research.

How we fund

Our Medical Advisory Board ensures the funds we raise are being put to the best use. They direct the funds to help oncologists kick off research projects with the aim of bringing about an end to cancer.


Bakes for Breast Cancer is led by people who are passionate about accelerating the progress being made in breast cancer research. Our team, Board of Directors, and Medical Advisory Board all play a vital role in achieving our mission.


Media coverage helps us get the word out about our work, and also draws attention to the progress being made in breast cancer prevention and treatment research.