Cape and Islands Bakes Starts Today!

Starting today, August 3rd through August 9th, you can show your support for breast cancer research by participating in this years Cape and Islands Bakes for Breast Cancer! Funds will be donated to support the research of Dr. Rachel Freedman, and her mission to save lives. All you need to do is visit one of the amazing restaurants and bakeries listed below and purchase a delicious dessert. While some participants will be donating half the proceeds from their dessert menu; others are donating all the proceeds of a single item so remember to ask your server what dessert supports Cape and Islands Bakes! Due to covid-19 restrictions we also recommend calling or visiting the website of your desired location to learn of their updated serving and safety methods. Bakes for Breast Cancer is extremely grateful to our donors and respects those who were not able to join us this year because of the pandemic. We look forward to many of them rejoining us in 2021!

If you’re unable to make it to one of these fantastic locations, donations are still accepted here. Your donations are greatly appreciated and make significant strides in the fight against breast cancer.


Alden Park 

An independently owned American restaurant, Alden Park is donating half the proceeds from all the desserts on their menu! Options include fried dough, brownies, churros, cheesecake, chocolate torte, peanut butter explosion, and ice cream.

160 Colony Place Plymouth, MA 02360




An authentic French restaurant Bleu is prized for its incredible atmosphere and service!

10 Market St. Mashpee, MA 02649



Cru Oyster Bar
Cru features a premier oyster bar with French and Mediterranean influences backdropped by a pristine waterfront location in the heart of Nantucket Harbor.

1 Straight Wharf Nantucket, MA 02554



Espresso Love

17 Church Street Edgartown, MA 02539




Woods Hole’s premier waterfront dining where you can experience fresh local cuisine.

9 Luscombe Ave, Woods Hole, MA 02540



Maison Villiatte

A classic local bakery where you can try the pink meringue in support of Breast Cancer!

267 Main St. Falmouth, MA 02540



Nantucket Bake Shop

The World-Famous Nantucket Bakeshop, where you can support Cape and Island Bakes by tasting the Boston Crème Pie!

17 1/2 Old South Road Nantucket, MA 02554



Osteria La Civetta

Authentic Italian dining inspired by meals around the table with friends and family.

133 Main Street Falmouth, MA 02540



Osterville Fish

A fish shop might seem like a strange addiction to a baking event, but Osterville is generously donating the proceeds from their Cape and Islands Baked Cookie for this event only!

2952 Falmouth Road Osterville, MA 02655



Pain D’avigino

This bakery founded in 1992 features various baked goods, but to satisfy your sweet tooth and join the fight against breast cancer check out the gluten Free Goat Cheese Cake made with local Vermont Creamery goat cheese and sweetened with honey, filled with a passion fruit gelée, a top a white chocolate coconut crust and encompassed by a coconut milk glaze!

15 Hinckley Road Hyannis, MA 02601



Sagamore Inn

The Sagamore Inn is donating half the proceeds from every item on the dessert menu! They continue to provide excellent service and look forward to you tasting their chocolate a la mode, various homemade pies, and cheesecake!

1131 Sandwich Road Sagamore, MA 02561



The Dunes at Winnetu Oceanside Resort

The only restaurant on South Beach at Martha’s Vineyard. You can expect some incredible creations from their head pastry chef Caitlin D’Amico. Be sure to try the Lemon Raspberry Hope Bar to support Cape and Islands Bakes!

31 Dunes Road Edgartown, MA 02539



The Terrace at The Charlotte Inn

Classic French cuisine along with elegant fine dining.

27 S. Summer St. Edgartown, MA 02539



The West End in Hyannis

In the Heart of Hyannis’ historic downtown, The West End restores the rich history of an iconic Cape Cod building with a modern twist.

20 Scudder Ave. Hyannis, MA 02601




The Sagamore Inn: Cape & Islands Bakes for Breast Cancer

Among a generous group of restaurants and bakeries the Sagamore Inn is participating in this years Cape and Islands Bakes for Breast Cancer, August 3rd-9th. A fantastic family restaurant, The Sagamore Inn has a colorful history from its foundation in 1900 and is now owned and operated by Michael and Suzanne Bilodeau. A fixture of the community, the Sagamore Inn will be donating the proceeds from all the desserts on their menu to Bakes for Breast Cancer.

“Supporting Bakes for Breast Cancer allows our restaurant to support a very special cause which has a positive impact on our guests and staff either directly or indirectly. The funds raised through Cape and Island Bakes continue to support prevention, continued research and treatment of Breast Cancer”, Beth Ridge, spokesperson, stated.

Bakes for Breast Cancer is extremely thankful to the Sagamore Inn and all its supporters continuing to back its mission despite the difficult conditions for restaurants everywhere. A host of protocols and generally slower business has not made life easy for anyone in the hospitality industry.

“The changing guidelines during the covid-19 pandemic has and continues to impact our industry- it forced us to close our doors and quickly move to a takeout only restaurant with limited staff. As we moved through the phases, we opened to limited outdoor dining. Each phase has a unique impact on staffing, operations, and finance. What it hasn’t changed is our goal to provide amazing good and exceptional service” Beth stated.

Restaurants in Massachusetts have only recently started offering indoor dining again, but business is nowhere near back to normal. Despite a difficult-working environment, the Sagamore Inn continues to look beyond themselves to their communities. “Our involvement in our community is a priority to all at the Sagamore inn- it is a partnership- they are a good part of why we are still in business. It is partnership!” Beth stated.

Regardless, diners at the Sagamore Inn have much to look forward to this summer! “The summer of 2020 will bring spacious outside dining on our deck, under the tent, on the green or inside our dining area. We will be serving our full menu, with daily specials and entertainment. Our customers will continue to enjoy our delicious food with amazing service.” Beth stated. And it would have been remiss not to ask which desserts you should be on the lookout for. “Our customers favorite desserts? We can name a few- Chocolate brownie ala mode, any of our homemade pies or our cheesecake”.

The Sagamore Inn is located at 1131 Sandwich Rd, Sagamore, and further details can be found on their website.

Don’t forget to check out the other participating locations or register your own business!


Cape and Islands Bakes for Breast Cancer!

Whether it as a home away from home or a favorite vacation spot, Cape Cod has a special place in the hearts of many New Englanders. Carol Sneider, founder, and president of Bakes for Breast Cancer has proudly called the cape her home for the last 35 years. “It’s part of me” Carol said, “Doing something with a community I’ve called home for so long is important to me”.

Not only is the Cape important in our personal ties, but it has a special history to Breast Cancer as well. Women on Cape Cod have a 20% higher rate of Breast Cancer than the national average. Troubling numbers for a community with a population of just over 200 thousand, but every organization is doing their part. As of 2019 Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis is a member of the Dana Farber Cancer Care Collaborative. Providing Cape Cod Hospital with ongoing support services and consultations, an important step towards promoting health and awareness. Similarly, Bakes for Breast Cancer strives to support breast cancer research of Dr. Rachel Freedman of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and grow an event which can benefit so many on the Cape & Islands.

Cape and Islands Bakes for Breast Cancer is set take place this August 3rd-9th. Restaurants and bakeries located on Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard have participated in Bakes for Breast Cancer events for years. Now they have their own event distinguishing themselves from Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer. Yet it is still a difficult period for the hospitality industry because of how Covid-19 has affected business. We understand that not everyone will have the means to participate but hope everyone that is able will. It is not about the size of the donation but the commitment to helping us fight Breast Cancer. “Every desert will make a difference this year” Carol said.

Participating restaurants will be donating 100% of the proceeds from a desert or their 50% of their dessert menu to Bakes for Breast Cancer. So be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth while you are enjoying the summer sun!

You can follow these links to find participating locations or register your own business for this years Cape and Islands Bakes for Breast Cancer- all you need are desserts to sell!


Not Quite Business as Usual

The outbreak of Covid-19 threw a wrench into the works of life as we knew it. It is a struggle for everyone who has lost employment or is trying to find a new normal in their daily jobs. While they may normally lie in the back of our minds the hospitality industry continues as a backbone of our society to be there when we need them most. Through quick adaptation, going to takeout and adding provisions and pantry items, they have proven they are not going anywhere soon. Their responses were creative and put into action as quickly as possible doing everything not only to stay open but to serve the communities they are in.

Restaurants, bakeries, and ice cream shops have proudly served with a smile for years, but even being essential businesses has not made this pandemic an easy journey. The effects have ranged from temporary to permanent closures or surviving through tak

eout and delivery, outdoor dining and eventually indoor as well. It is a rickety bridge to cross as just one misstep could be enough to shut a small business down for good. Phase 2, of Governor Charlie Baker’s reopening process allowed restaurants to resume indoor dining as of June 22nd.  Jeff Gates, an Aquitaine Group partner, and a member of the board at both the Massachusetts Restaurant Association and National Restaurant Association, is optimistic about doors opening this week. “I look forward to guests joining us indoors this Monday. Our staff looks forward to continuing their diligent effort to provide an outstanding meal and service in a safe environment” Gates stated. A goal that other restaurant owners will surely share as they prepare their staff and interiors to meet the states strict safety regulations.

While diners venture in for their first chance to eat in a restaurant since March, some will understandably be wary of taking the extra risk too soon. Restaurants owners and staff are doing everything to keep their stores safe and sterilized, but patrons will still need to remain conscious of their own health. “We need our guests to wear masks when they arrive, move in the restaurant, and frankly leave when they cannot maintain social distance in their lives away from our small business. Our staff have their health checked, they wash hands and sanitize, surfaces are cleaned, masks are worn, gloves are on when handling prepared foods. We are very careful and regulated industry already; we have this under control” Gates stated. Customers should investigate safety guidelines online and on social media for their chosen restaurant to maintain a safe environment for everyone. This will be an incredibly stressful period for waiters other dining staff. Remember that they are doing their best to provide safe and exemplary service and wouldn’t mind some extra kindness in these difficult times.

Above all, it is an exciting opportunity for small businesses to continue to operate. Unfortunately, several restaurants in the Boston are have already announced that they will be closing for good amid the pandemic. Among the closures are Stella’s, O’Leary’s, Backyard Betties. Estimates for total restaurant closures by the end of the pandemic are around 25% in mass, but Gates continues to look towards a brighter future for local businesses. “Any number greater than zero restaurants losing the battle to reopen is too many. I am hopeful the number will be less than the 20-30% forecast. Thankfully, the weather has been delightful, so outdoor dining has given some restaurants an early pop. Don’t forget the changes to PPP were extremely helpful and a big step in the right direction” Gates stated.

This community has supported us, including The Aquitaine Group (now 21 years), and it’s our time to support them. Fortunately, there are options for everyone’s comfort level. What they have done is exhausting to think about and we are sure they are working harder now than pre Covid-19.  It is up to us to decide how our communities will look in a healthy future.  For our communities to recover as we knew them it will require the aid of the patrons they’ve proudly served; from bakeries, restaurants, ice cream shop and everything in-between.

Ultimately, we know for our events, Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer, Cape & Islands Bakes for Breast Cancer and Rhode Island Bakes for Breast Cancer,  this year will be different but we know we are fortunate to have the support from an industry who always gives back.



Bringing Back the Bread

If you have not completely unplugged during quarantine you’ve most likely seen #breadbaking storming across Instagram and Twitter. Across the globe users are posting a range of impressive creations from brioche burger buns to sour dough with an image of their dog scored into them. Among the deluge of new hobbies being shown off across social media it is surprising to see perfectly baked bread a sour dough loafs thrown in the mix. Prompted by empty shelves at the grocery store and too much free time, bread baking has been called a return to our heritage. In a period when all our daily comforts are cut off, like enjoying a meal in a restaurant, it is easy to place ourselves back in the time of our ancestors. Originating as far back as 8000 BC, baking bread is an integral facet of human history. The ingredients needed to bake your own are simple. At its core you will just need flour, water and yeast. There are plenty of beginner bread recipes out there that anyone could try. The process though requires patience and a good amount of skill. Which is why so many have found it to be a calming and fulfilling hobby. There is no rushing the process. Waiting for the dough to rise takes us out of our own schedules puts us on its time, and watching the yeast activate and your dough-baby grow is like a science experiment. The tactile act of kneading the dough provides the satisfactions of working on something with your own hands. A feeling hard to come by in a technologically optimized world. You don’t need to appreciate the scope of breads history to understand the satisfaction of creating it. Chiefly the final product is something to be proud of. It may come with some mistakes (and several YouTube tutorials), but the outcome is well worth the effort. A new experience for those newbie bakers who were inspired by the trend to pick up the hobby, and surely a sign of more creations to come.

To both our past and present #breadbaking has shown us the power of staying connected. Even while cut off from family and friends it is important to remember those in need. Bakes for Breast Cancer is continuing its fight in the current crisis and will continue to find safe ways to continue our mission. It’s amazing that so many are discovering the joys of baking. We’d love to see some of your creations and recipes, so please share them with us at


Meet the Chefs of Sugar Rush…Kenny Hoshino

Growing up in Newton, Massachusetts, Kenny Hoshino found comfort in the kitchen from a young age, watching and pitching in as his parents and siblings cooked hearty dishes like chicken cutlets, matzo ball soup and on special occasions, his father’s favorite sushi recipes.  

It wasn’t until his time spent studying Neuroscience at the University of Massachusetts Amherst that he exercised that love for cooking outside of home with a job at a local Bertucci’s pizza restaurant. There, Kenny moved around the kitchen quickly, making pizza dough and testing his hand at every station.

After graduating from UMass with a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience in 2009, Kenny took a position at Chez Albert, a French restaurant near his alma mater where he spent two years as a pastry chef and line cook. At Chez Albert, Kenny felt at home in the chaotic and frenetic environment of a busy kitchen. He enjoyed the pressure of crafting dishes from start to finish and found his identity expressing himself creatively by working with his hands.

In 2011, he took a leap of faith and moved to Charleston, South Carolina where, after a few months shucking oysters at Cypress, he put his degree to use with a job in laboratory research. The lab role was short-lived, and Kenny followed his passion back to Amherst to return to Chez Albert as pastry chef and sous chef, eventually helping the team to open a new location in a larger space.

Kenny moved to Boston in March of 2014 and began working at Michael Scelfo’s Harvard Square restaurant, Alden & Harlow in April, where his nights were spent at the restaurant’s sauté and bar manger stations. Seven months later, Chef Scelfo saw his knack for all things pastry and offered Kenny a position as baker and pastry chef. After Scelfo’s sophomore concept Waypoint opened in 2016, Kenny began applying his talents to the restaurant’s always-changing, cult-followed sweet and savory treats. In 2019, Kenny helped open The Longfellow Bar, directly above Alden & Harlow. Today, Kenny leads the restaurants’ pastry and bread programs, and oversees a growing team of buddying pastry chefs.

When he’s not up with the sun prepping bread and desserts every morning, Kenny finds an outlet in music, with a basic knowledge of piano, bass and guitar, and enjoys painting with watercolors and hard pastels.

Kenny is participating in Sugar Rush on Tuesday, July 23 at Oak + Rowan! Enjoy a 5-course dessert tasting menu that raises money for breast cancer research.
Tickets are available on Eventbrite!


Meet the Chefs… Aurea-Anne McCrumm of the Sagamore Inn

Aurea-Anne McCrumm
Sagamore Inn

Standing on a stepstool in the kitchen of her Italian grandmother’s house in the Boston area, Aurea-Anne at the age of eight, fell in love with the art of baking. Now thirty-five years later, she continues to follow her craft in her second season at the Sagamore Inn as Head Baker creating her specialty cakes pies and desserts working with and for the Bilodeau family. 

Self-taught, she continues her passion of baking by learning from watching other master chefs and reading on the latest techniques. The dream of attending a culinary art school was put on hold as she raised her children, but this did not stop her from achieving her goals. She gathers information from every source and has been fortunate to have baked with and for a number of private customers on Cape Cod. Aurea- Anne has also had the opportunity to created beautiful pastries pies cakes and desserts for the Dunbar Tea Room in Sandwich.

Visit the Sagamore Inn to enjoy one of Aurea-Anne’s delicious dessert creations during Cape & Islands Bakes for Breast Cancer.


Meet the Chefs… Benjamin Copeland of Bettini and Roxana Bar

Benjamin Copeland, Pastry Chef

Benjamin Copeland’s path to Harbor View Hotel has included turns at top resorts across the U.S., but it was an international detour in 2013 that shaped his approach to the kitchen and life. Armed with a wealth of early career experience, Copeland headed to Hanoi as a volunteer chef instructor at a vocational training school for disadvantaged and disabled youth. The experience made him more mindful of waste and more charitable with his time—attributes he tries to impart to his team today.

In the six years since his trip to Hanoi, Copeland has served as pastry chef in destinations as diverse as The Gasparilla Inn and Club in Boca Raton, Basin Harbor Club in Vermont, Game Creek Restaurant and Club in Vail, and Jackson Lake Lodge in Jackson, Wyoming. His early career included positions at Emerald at Queensridge in Las Vegas; Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa (Colorado); Hyatt Grand Champions Resort, Villas and Spa in Indian Wells, California; The Falls Prime Steak House in Palm Springs; Hotel Victor in Miami; St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton; and Heidi’s Bakery in Tallahassee. 

Copeland is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and Naval Reserve.

Enjoy his delicious dessert at Bettini and Roxana Bar at The Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard.


Meet the Chefs…Meet Chef Brett Mayer of The Cape Grille

Executive Chef Brett Mayer

Chef Brett, a native of Cape Cod found her calling while growing up in a chef family. It was from working beside her grandfather, who was a chef where she learned some of her greatest lessons about navigating in a busy kitchen.

She enrolled in the culinary arts program at Newbury College in Brookline, MA. Shortly after graduation, she found herself working at Charles Hotel in Harvard Square. After eight years she decided to move back home to Cape Cod. Securing a job at the Woods Hole Golf Club as the Executive Sous Chef in 2009 she found herself adding her touch of creativity. 

All entrees, desserts, and sauces are made in house from scratch. Brett is an advocate on eating fresh, healthy and directly from the source when possible. With over 20 years of experience, her goal is to delight guests with her contemporary, refined cuisine. 

Visit Chef Brett at the Cape Grille during Cape & Islands Bakes for Breast Cancer. Save room for her incredible and tempting dessert. It raises money for breast cancer!


Meet the Chefs… Pastry Chef Jamie Chernesky, The Coast Guard House Restaurant

Jamie Chernesky, Pastry Chef

Jamie grew up in the boonies of New York, spending most of her time baking for her friends and teammates. From a family of nurses, she branched off and pursued her passion of baking and pastry. With good grades and drive, she continued her education at Newbury College in Brookline, MA. Jamie balanced six-hour classes, playing on her college’s soccer team and a full-time job at the beginning of her pastry chef career as only a sophomore. In this time she refined and sophisticated herself in her field. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Culinary Management, she decided she needed a change of scenery and even a change of hospitality work. She found comfort in the Ocean state and was employed by one of the most well-known restaurants on the shore. The Coast Guard House had become a new beginning for Jamie as she began her job as the front of house manager. After 6 months of front of the house management, Jamie missed her chef coat. With a small transition, she found herself back to her roots covered in flour as the first Pastry Chef the Coast Guard House has ever had. When away from the kitchen, Jamie continues to enjoy playing soccer, going to the beach, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Visit Jamie at the Coast Guard House during the week of Rhode Island Bakes for Breast Cancer and enjoy her dessert that will help raise money for breast cancer research.