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It’s my birthday so cake I will eat! In honor of my own big day a cake-gadget had to be in order. Even though turning twenty three isn’t a major milestone like turning twenty one or twenty five, as my father reminded me this morning when he called to wish me a happy day, I still think it’s appropriate to talk about cake today.

I found the cutest little gadget that is perfect for a birthday at any age. Similar to the cake-pop maker that I blogged about many Thursdays ago, the Cake Push Up Tubes are festive and intriguing.

Similar to push-up pops that you ate as a kid, yet much more sophisticated, the Cake Push Up Tubes are cylinder with a stick and disc on the bottom allowing you to push the cake through the opening at the top. And they come with plastic caps so you can keep your treats covered until you’re ready to enjoy them.

You can create tasty and cute treats by layering any flavor cake with colored frosting, fruit, whipped cream, pudding or custard. The Cake Push Up Tubes look great and will most likely taste even better!

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Cake Push Up Tubes are available from and also from amazon. They make the perfect party favor at you kids birthday parties, wedding or baby showers, or at a summer afternoon cookout with friends. The yummiest dessert just got a whole lot cuter with Cake Push Up pops! They come in packs with multiple Push Up Tubes, starting at $10.95 at Kitchen Krafts.

I will be eating as much cake as I want today because birthday’s only come once a year, so make yours special with the Cake Push Up Tubes!

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