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Whipped Cream: The perfect addition to any dessert. Light, sweet, undeniably delicious; whipped cream is the secret ingredient that can make-or-break your birthday cake, or any kind of cake for that matter. For the true sweet-tooth chef cool-whip ‘a la can’ just doesn’t cut it. It’s the homemade, hand-whipped (or mix-master whipped) stuff that really gets my taste buds singing “More, please!”


But really, who wants to take the time to whip the cream into silky perfection? My mother, being strictly against canned-whip, is known for making everyone wait to eat dessert until she whips the cream. And the whipping of the cream can only be done right before the dessert is served, mind you, because there’s a very small window of time where the whipped cream is in it’s prime, and when that window closes there is no salvaging of the whip.

Although I would never deny that the homemade whipped cream is well worth the wait, I often wish that the same heavenly results could just come from the fridge. And at last, I don’t have to look any further.

ISI Easy Whip

The ISI Easy Whip cartridge and dispenser, available directly from ISI, online at, or from retail stores including Walmart, is perfect for anyone who regularly makes desserts. The Easy Whip provides the simplicity of canned whipped cream with all the homemade flavor and without any preservatives! Simply pour in heavy cream and with the push of a button you have delectably delicate and delicious whipped cream.

Your homemade whipped cream is stored right inside the Easy Whip itself, so there’s no fussing with gigantic mixing bowls that take up way too much space in the fridge. Good for up to ten days, you can enjoy your whipped cream on waffles or pancakes in the morning, atop rich hot-cocoa to warm your belly, or paired with fresh berries.

The Easy Whip takes the stress out of entertaining. You no longer have to worry about finding the time to whip the cream, or whether your friends and family can tell that it’s actually store-bought (gasp!) whip on top of their strawberry shortcake.

A bit on the pricey side, around $50.00 from ISI, the Easy Whip can be found on at a discounted cost. So treat yourself this holiday season to an endless supply of the yummiest whipped cream!

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