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We live in a world where shopping can be done by a click of a few buttons on our computers, smart phones and tablets for anything in the world we can possible desire. Shopping has taken on a whole new meaning where you don’t have to leave your house!


While you are spending your time searching your favorite sites for the latest in styles look at our website. We run dessert -oriented events to benefit breast cancer research. Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer is an annual event that takes place each year the week of Mother’s Day where over 350 restaurants, bakeries, online bakeries, supermarkets ,ice cream shops and food trucks raises money for breast cancer. Our participants designate a dessert and donate 100% of the sales from one dessert or 50% of their entire dessert menu for breast cancer research May 5-11. We call this raising money for breast cancer one sweet at a time


You can SHOP on line and have desserts shipped! We call this a win-win!


Save room for desserts that will benefit breast cancer! Desserts you can order on line to either be delivered to specific delivery areas or shipped to you, your friends and family across the country! This is a perfect gift idea not only do you give a sweet treat; you are also helping to raise money for breast cancer!



Going out? Food shopping? Check out our list our participants and visit them often!

Want to give a gift that will help raise money for breast cancer? Need a gift for a friend on a paleo diet? Look no further! We have you covered!


So get ready and start shopping! Desserts for a cause are available now! Don’t wait check out our participants! We are sure you will be tempted by many of the desserts waiting to be shipped or delivered to you!


Happy Shopping!


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