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Spicy Cocktails in San Francisco

While in San Francisco recently, a friend took me to a restaurant she loves, Pacific Catch. The restaurant is a San Francisco only chain, with six locations around the city. The drink she ordered was called a Spicy Pacific and was made using hot chilies. I wasn’t sure if a spicy cocktail sounded particularly appealing, but I trusted her judgement and ordered one for myself as well. The drink turned out to be awesome! Spicy and vodka are two words you normally wouldn’t use in a sentence together, but give this drink a try the next time you want to …


Adventures in Portland Ice Cream

This past week I returned from the West Coast, where I spent some time in Portland, Oregon. Portland has a reputation for being a weird city, and it certainly lives up to it. From people being obsessed with the pattern on the airport carpet (They sell it on t-shirts, stickers, and water bottles) to the graffiti that constantly appears on walls saying “Keep Portland Weird”, there’s no shortage of character to this city. With a city like this, the food is bound to be equally as unique. Salt and Straw is the perfect example of this. It’s a small ice …


Rum Swizzles

Can you believe that it’s almost May and it’s still 45 degrees out? I certainly can’t! On days like these, I wish I were somewhere warm and tropical, like Bermuda! Bermuda is one of my favorite places. I went there two years and had a blast. It’s a fairly small island, so there’s not much disconnect between the tourists and locals. One spot both groups like to hang out at is The Swizzle Inn. It’s one of the oldest and most well known pubs in Bermuda, and has a unique style of its own. The inside walls are covered in …


Tortilla de Patatas

In the U.S. people tend to think of Mexican food when they hear the word tortillas. But in Barcelona, the word has a complete different meaning. A tortilla there is similar to an omelet, and is often made with potatoes. Tortilla de Patatas is a really common item to find at restaurants in Spain, either as a breakfast food or as an appetizer before a meal. But you don’t have to travel to Spain to experience what they taste like! Here’s how to make your own. The serving size will feed four people.


10 oz of potatoes
1 onion
3 eggs
olive oil


Peel and …


Desserts of Europe

While I was abroad in Barcelona last semester, I was able to travel a lot on weekends to other countries. This met experiencing a bunch of different cultures, including the food. It’s amazing how much food can vary from country to country. And a lot of the time, countries will have the same food item, but it will taste completely different in each one. Pizza, for example, tasted amazing in Rome, but back in Barcelona, it was essentially just bread with minimum cheese on top, not exactly what I was looking for.
A lot of the places I visited have a …


NY Eats

Last Friday, I visited the Big Apple for a day trip. The options for good eats in NYC are endless – so many, that it would probably take me years to blog about all the delicious restaurants, bakeries, food trucks that I’ve tried and would like to try. For today’s post, I’ll share with you some of my favorite dessert stops in the concrete jungle. No cronut visit, unfortunately.

My favorite place to get the best red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting is Two Little Red Hens bakery on the Upper East Side. Yes, I truly think their red velvet reigns supreme …


Provincetown Eats

Happy First Day of Summer! Earlier this month, I went to Provincetown (or P-town) for the first time to attend my dear friend’s bachelorette party.  P-town is a quaint beach town located at the extreme tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and is known for being a vacation destination for tourists.
It’s always a good idea to order fresh seafood when you find yourself in the cape. While strolling down Commercial Street (a main street for shopping, artists, entertainment, and countless cute dogs) and figuring out where to grab lunch, a local suggested the Lobster Pot restaurant, featuring a waterfront view. Lobster Pot is what I …


My First Chicago Hot Dog

So I find myself in the Windy City in time for the first game of the Stanley Cup Playoff with the Boston Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks. Unfortunately tickets for the first game are a little out of my price point. But know for sure I will be watching the game with other Bruin fans on Wednesday evening!
What awaits the Bruin fans when they arrive in Chicago? A Chicago Hot Dog of course! In all my years visiting Chicago I have never tried this delicacy before. Being from New York, I grew up on grilled …


California Eats: Part 2

Last week, I blogged about some of the California eats that I enjoyed on my recent trip to the West Coast. Today, I’ll continue sharing my food adventure in the golden state with a focus on sweets and snacks.

As you may know, I am obsessed with French macaron cookies – so much that I learned to make them myself (see post on nutella macarons)! When I discovered that Milk Shop, an ice cream parlor in LA, served macaron ice cream cookie sandwiches, I knew that I had to make a special trip there. Inside Milk, there were display cases full of …


California Eats: Part 1

I’m an East coast girl but I love visiting the sunny state of California from time to time. I just returned from a vacation to Los Angeles and San Diego to reconnect with good friends, soak in some (much-needed) Vitamin D, and of course explore the good eats. Here are some of the exclusive West coast food spots that I enjoyed eating at.

First stop was In-N-Out Burger, a fast food burger joint primarily known for its “secret menu” items, such as Animal-style burgers and fries. Animal style is the special sauce consisting of grilled and finely-chopped onions and pickles drowned in …