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cybermondayThe holiday season is in full gear! The shopping season is shorter this year! Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, a Christmas classic aired before Thanksgiving this year! Black Friday has passed and now we are onto Cyber Monday!  If your email boxes are like ours, they are filled with emails from every store imaginable offering better and better deals.

For those who have shopped and only got 40% off and today is 50%, what do you do?  Order again and return the original order?  The dilemmas of Cyber Monday!

Today is the first day back at work for most of us after the Thanksgiving weekend.  You will have to juggle work and Cyber Monday.  We know you can handle this!

What are you shopping for this year?  Let us know the deals you find!  Today we will be looking at cookbooks.  So many Boston Chefs and Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer participants have wonderful cookbooks.  Time to add to our already expansive collection of cookbooks.

Chef Daniel Bruce with our friend Mat Schaffer has the new cookbook Simply New England! Joanna Chang has Flour, Too.  A & J King Artisan Bakers has their book Baking by Hand! Chefs Ming Tsai and Todd English have numerous cookbooks they have written.  Davio’s Steve DiFillippo’s book, It’s All About the Guest is also a must read!

These are some of the things on our list this year along with of course some new kitchen gadgets!

Gift certificates to one our participants establishments make great gifts too!

Have fun today and don’t forget tomorrow is Charity Tuesday and we hope you will remember our nonprofit Bakes for Breast Cancer and make a donation to help support breast cancer!  You can make a huge difference by just donating the price of a cup of coffee or a dessert!

Happy Shopping!


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