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Fruity Tools

Two foods that I can never get enough of are fruits and veggies. Sweet and juicy, and without all the guilt that comes along with eating pizza and ice cream. But in our busy lives it’s often hard to squeeze in an apple a day when our stomachs are screaming for something more hearty, like a sub or sandwich.
Thankfully, these gadgets from Williams Sonoma will help you get your daily fix of nutrition without any hassle.
First, the OXO 3-in-1 avocado slicer is the perfect pitter and pre-per for your avocado halves. The sharp slicer cuts through the avocados skin. Next, …


Lemon Lovin’

lemonade from cooksillustrated.com
Pink or yellow, sweet or sour, fresh or frozen: it doesn’t matter how you spin it, lemonade and summertime go hand-in-hand. I remember sitting at the end of my driveway selling lemonade from a cooler, arguing with my sister about who gets to collect the cash. I was about seven years old and making anything over $10.00 a day was a fortune.
takeya lemonade maker
So why not bring yourself back to those childhood days with the flavor of fresh squeezed lemonade. The Takeya Flash Chill Lemonade Maker makes it easy to squeeze and store the sweet nectar all within …


Zap That

from scientificamerican.com
Today’s gadget is a little outside the kitchen cabinet, but stick with me and you might be happily surprised by this intriguing idea.
We’ve all been victims of a fruit fly infestation. Those pesky little buggers appear out of no where and are a pain in the apple to get rid of.
So many times I’ve boughten a bunch of bananas, and, especially in the humid summer air, they’ve gone brown before I’ve had time to enjoy them. And the minute your fruit surpasses prime ripeness the fruit flies begin to descend.
But thanks to the SE battery operated tennis racket bug zapper, …


wicked waffles

One thing I love about the weekends is putting the cereal aside until Monday and indulging in some real stick-to-your-ribs kind of breakfast. Chocolate chip pancakes used to be my Saturday usual, but these days anything from omelets with toast and home fries to french toast doused in syrup and powered sugar are fine by me.
When I studied abroad last year I did a bit of traveling through Europe. I ended up spending a weekend in Brussels and the most memorable part were the waffles.
Belgian waffle in Brussels: best breakfast ever
Nothing compares to a true Belgian waffle; coated in crunchy …



Cheese and Chocolate: two foods that are music to my ears and satisfaction to my appetite.

The sweet, smooth flavor of chocolate is said to improve a person’s mood by releasing endorphins and serotonin, making it a feel-good food for both your state-of-mind and your taste buds.
And then there’s cheese. The endless varieties can satisfy any savory craving. From the everyday grilled cheese sandwich with sharp cheddar or baby swiss, to fresh green salads with chunks of feta or goat cheese; cheese makes everything better.
So, in honor of these two highly desired foods, today’s gadget is a tribute to them both: …


Pineapple Perfection

Fruit has always been known as nature’s candy, and for good reason. It’s sweet, juicy and delicious. And we all know the best part is the loads of vitamins that, unfortunately, are not included in the Ferrero Rocher chocolates and Lindor Truffles that filled so many stockings on Christmas morning.
But when 2012 rolls around, and all the New Year resolutions are back in action, you’ll be ready to fill up on the healthy stuff thanks to the amazingly simple Pineapple Slicer from Crate&Barrel. Whole pineapples are decorative and delicious, but many opt for buying the pre-sliced chunks or canned rings to …


Acquiring a Taste for Yogurt

The other day I read an article on the rise in demand for Greek yogurt, one of the fastest-growing grocery items of 2010.  I was already aware of this fact because every time I opened the communal refrigerator at work, I would see a collection of All-Natural, Non-Fat Chobani and Total 2% Fage (pronounced fa-yeh) Greek yogurts.  However, none of the 6-ounce containers belonged to me.  In the past, I have tried the plain, pomegranate, and strawberry-banana flavors of Chobani, but have not acquired a taste for any of them.  Greek yogurt is too tart for my liking and I …


Trader Joe’s Frozen Steel Cut Oatmeal a Great Start to My Day!

I don’t know what made me buy Trader Joe’s Frozen Steel Cut Oatmeal but when I looked at the calorie count and the nutritional guide on the side of the box, I thought it was worth a try.  After buying one box, I went back to stock up my freezer with this handy good for you breakfast which tastes better than what I was having for breakfast before!
So now, I go stock up on the frozen oatmeal, get home take it out of the box and put in the freezer.  My problem is that it is not always in stock …