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Cheese and Chocolate: two foods that are music to my ears and satisfaction to my appetite.

The sweet, smooth flavor of chocolate is said to improve a person’s mood by releasing endorphins and serotonin, making it a feel-good food for both your state-of-mind and your taste buds.

And then there’s cheese. The endless varieties can satisfy any savory craving. From the everyday grilled cheese sandwich with sharp cheddar or baby swiss, to fresh green salads with chunks of feta or goat cheese; cheese makes everything better.

So, in honor of these two highly desired foods, today’s gadget is a tribute to them both: the fondue pot.

It’s a melting pot of deliciousness, and perfect for an untraditional meal where everyone can grab a fork and gather around. Combine dark, milk and even white chocolate to dip strawberries and other fresh fruit. Soft bread or crunchy vegetables are to die for in a bubbling bowl of cheese.

chocolate marshmallow fondue from

Or try combining the two powerful flavors of cheese and chocolate together in your pot for an out-of-this-world yum.

The Oster Fondue Pot from Target holds 3 quarts of delight in it’s stainless steel belly. It includes 8 forks so everyone in the family can dip-and-dine. The electric pot heats up quickly and has an adjustable temperature gage.

Oster Fondue Pot from Target

This gadget is perfect for getting together with friends for dinner, and it’s so easy to use! Just heat up your concoction, chop up some fresh fruits, veggies, breads and whatever else you can think of, and your dinner is ready. It brings social dining to a new level.

And it’s super easy to clean with dishwasher safe parts and a removable cord which allows for full submergibility.

Priced at $29.99, the Oster Fondue Pot is perfect for fondue newbies and fondue connoisseurs alike. And you can check out the other fondue pots available at Target as well!

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