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Time to Try a New Dessert! Almond, Ricotta, and Blood Orange Cake

We might be busy working on the events to raise money for breast cancer research for Bakes for Breast Cancer including Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer, Rhode Island Bakes for Breast Cancer and Cape & Islands Bakes for Breast Cancer but we still try to find the time to take a break and make something special.
There are so many recipes that we see in our Facebook feed flash bye our eyes and every so often there is that one recipe we say we have to try!
Last Friday, our Director and Director of Sponsorship Susan Guerin was having a dinner party …


Shop till You Drop and Raise Money for Breast Cancer!

Here at Bakes for Breast Cancer, one week out of the year, we raise money for breast cancer one sweet at a time with our event Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer which takes place each year during the week of Mother’s Day!  This year Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer takes place May 6-12, 2013!
We realized that many of our followers on Facebook and Twitter do not live in Massachusetts to enjoy the many sweets at restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, ice cream and chocolate shops, and Food Trucks to name a few of the many places desserts are offered in our effort …


Welcome to Livorno

So how did I get to Livorno?  It took many years and reuniting with friends from long ago on Facebook that started my journey. When a friend said come to Livorno in time I eventually said yes. What did I have to lose? I planned my trip six months before and used my frequent flyer miles for the journey.  Have you ever noticed that planning and anticipating a trip is a very special part of the trip?  The anticipation lasts longer than the trip. The trip quickly flies by!
I decided if I was going all this way to Italy, going …


The Trip of Curiosity!

Let’s call this a trip of pure curiosity because it is taking me to Italy an adventure of unknown possibility! Here I wait to board my American Airlines flight which I used my frequent flyer miles to get and then will take a British Airlines flight onto Pisa! It is then I will see friends I have not seen in more years than I would like to count!
How did this trip start, we’ll that is a long story! It is because of Facebook that it is taking place at all- a surprising place to reconnect with lost long friends! …


Looking for establishments for Boston Bakes 2012!

Boston Bakes has grown from our first year with 42 participants primarily in the Boston area to almost 300 participants in over 90 communities in Massachusetts twelve years later.  What started as a small event has turned into a full time project where we work hard year round.  We have a Facebook page, we tweet and of course blog!
Now we kick off our efforts for 2012! Who will participate?  What desserts will they serve?  You will have to visit our website, Facebook and follow our tweets to find out!
Know a restaurant, bakery, ice cream, chocolate shop or café in Massachusetts …


Season’s Greetings

We at Boston Bakes would like to wish you a Happy Holiday season!  We wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, and a Happy New Year to one and all.
There are so many people to thank whose help makes Boston Bakes a reality each year. We thank you all!
It has been an incredible year for Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer. We had more participants than the year before and raised almost $80,000.  We want to thank all of those who made Boston Bakes a reality.  We want to thank our participants, our wonderful volunteers, interns, our sponsors and …


My Miami Adventure!

A beautiful wedding brought me to Miami, a wedding I could not miss!
I brought with me my computer; bought a Virgin Broadband to Go so I could continue working on Boston Bakes as if I was still in Boston. I worked every day I was there and took an hour or so to enjoy being outside by the pool just to get a little color.  I found myself alone at the pool because nobody who lived in the complex I was staying uses it.
I thank my wonderful volunteers for keeping up our Facebook and Twitter when I took my first …


You will have a treat at Treat Cupcake Bar for Boston Bakes!

I saw a tweet from Treat Cupcake Bar in Needham about how they were trying out recipes for their Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer cupcake and chose a white chocolate raspberry cupcake just for us.  We like tweets like that and then I saw the picture of the cupcake and wished that I was over at Treat Cupcake Bar tasting the cupcakes with them!
I posted the picture on the Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer Facebook page and it got over 1400 impressions.  I just had to find out more about the white chocolate raspberry cupcake.  I spoke to Adie Sprague, …


March 2 brings us 222 Participants for Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer! Another week in Boston Bakes!

It is only 8 am in the morning on March 2; I have not yet read the food sections in the Boston Globe and Boston Herald but have already checked my emails and have many to read, answer and write. I have a long list of calls to make and many things to follow through for many people who need something that I have.  There are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done but somehow it all happens. We try to get it all done!

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Another Week in the Life of Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer

Time goes by so quickly, we are having a hard time keeping up with adding those who are participating in this year’s Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer which is scheduled for May 2-8th to our website. We will get it all done.    By the time we are done adding the new restaurants and bakeries not only in Boston but throughout the suburbs of Massachusetts, we will be over the 160 mark and getting ever so closer to the 200 mark.

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