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I saw a tweet from Treat Cupcake Bar in Needham about how they were trying out recipes for their Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer cupcake and chose a white chocolate raspberry cupcake just for us.  We like tweets like that and then I saw the picture of the cupcake and wished that I was over at Treat Cupcake Bar tasting the cupcakes with them!

I posted the picture on the Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer Facebook page and it got over 1400 impressions.  I just had to find out more about the white chocolate raspberry cupcake.  I spoke to Adie Sprague, head baker and pastry chef at Treat Cupcake Bar and wanted to know how she decided on this cupcake and what her inspiration was.

This is a recipe that Adie has made at home but the first time it will be on the menu at Treat. Since working at Treat, which happens to be Adie’s dream job, Adie does not get to bake that much at home but wanted to use this recipe for this special occasion.  Adie’s inspiration for doing this particular cupcake was a bit of pink for breast cancer and something to celebrate spring and this cupcake did all of the above!

What is this White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake?  It is a cold cupcake dipped in white chocolate to give it crunch and texture with a raspberry buttercream frosting and a fresh raspberry on top.  The cupcake sounds delicious but you will have to wait to May 2-8th to try it for yourselves.

But in the meantime, visit Treat Cupcakes in Needham where you can have an adult or children’s party, make your own cupcake at their cupcake bar or have their cupcakes delivered to you!  You would be surprised to hear how far they will go to deliver their cupcakes if someone really wants them that badly!


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