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Let’s call this a trip of pure curiosity because it is taking me to Italy an adventure of unknown possibility! Here I wait to board my American Airlines flight which I used my frequent flyer miles to get and then will take a British Airlines flight onto Pisa! It is then I will see friends I have not seen in more years than I would like to count!

How did this trip start, we’ll that is a long story! It is because of Facebook that it is taking place at all- a surprising place to reconnect with lost long friends! Why take this trip now? Time goes way to fast and if I don’t take the time to smell the flowers and in this case drink the wine, the opportunity might not happen again. So I took up the generous offer of an old friend to come visit Livorno and here I am after a long flight from Boston to London which did not have an extra seat on it and then a change of planes and a British Airlines which took me to Pisa!

I knew I was in Italy because the minute I landed out came the cell phones and cigarettes! When I saw my friend waiting for me, I had a good feeling!


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