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For the time I was in Livorno,Italy I became very spoiled!  My friend cooked for me lunch and dinner Tuscan style, fresh simple cooking from the freshest of ingredients.  Cooking was quick, simple and delicious.  Meals were simple, prepared simply with minimal use of pots and pans. I can take some lessons since when I cook the recipes have many ingredients and by the time I am done preparing the recipe my kitchen is a mess with dirty bowls, pots and pans!

A visit to the Mercato for meat and freshly pressed hamburgers made to order were on the menu often!  The cuts of meat were thinner and cooked quickly.  I learned that a hot pan without oil can cook delicious chicken seasoned with salt.  When the chicken was done a little olive oil drizzled over was the perfect finishing touch!  Hamburgers don’t have to be served with rolls like we do in the states to be perfectly delicious.

Fresh endive and tomatoes that truly tasted as good as they look make a perfect salad with just a little olive oil and salt! Chickpeas from a can with a little oil olive and seasonings a perfect side dish!  The Italian hams and cheeses with freshly baked breads were addictive! I could go on and on!

Pasta! One word says it all!  Prepared simply, quickly and delicious! Sauces don’t have to take long to make; a little of this and that and it was finished! So often when I make pasta I don’t know how much I am making and usually make too much!  I learned a new trick!  Measure the pasta in the bowl you are going to serve it in to each person and use that amount multiplied by the number of people and you make the amount of pasta you need!  So simple I wondered why I did not think of it myself! I had to go to Italy to learn this!

Cooking with my friend was fun especially when all I had to do was set the table, put the wine on the table and help with washing the dishes!

Home Cooking Italian Style

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