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Gail Simmons weighs in on Top Chef Masters.

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Bravo’s TV’s “Top Chef Masters” May 11 show had  Gail Simmons, expert judge, food critic, with years of distinguished culinary expertise join expert Chef Curtis Stone, and accomplished food critic James Oseland at the judge’s table.

What excitement to have three culinary powerhouses at the judges table.  I think that all three have masterful communication skills using food language that helps this viewer better understand how each chef’s philosophy and inspiration has been translated to the plate. Not only that, I have an even better perspective of both front and back of the house because of their informative commentaries.

Of course, so much is in the presentation, ingredient usage, technique and especially the flavor and taste. Eat, savor, taste. Something else I appreciate is that these three judges share their previous knowledge about each chef’ contestants previous culinary accomplishments as well as the chef’s specific intention with each new dish.  I already know my upcoming restaurant preferences because of the insight and new information I have from these judges. I have to admit however, that my list is very long.

Kudos to the skilled chefs who are willing to endure the program’s time frame in order to win money for their individual worthy charities. It’s been exciting watching each chef’s food philosophy become reality in a specific dishes. I like that the program format allows time to observe some of their skilled cooking techniques finessed ingeniously.

I realize that the show has already been taped, but I sure hope that the producers have scheduled Gail Simmons to frequently join with maybe a few other equally proficient and accomplished guest judges of the quality of a Ruth Reichl. I think that the judges have to at least come close to both the understanding, comparison and articulation of the food mastery of these skilled chefs. Don’t you?

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