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Last night, I crashed a blogger’s get together at boYo natural frozen yogurt shop in Boston where a group of foodies got together to meet, talk and try boYo frozen yogurt. What a fun evening it was!

Not only was it fun to put faces with the names of those you follow but to see the serious side and the fun side putting foodies in a candy store can be! I was in the good company of The Fussy Eater, Christine Liu,Finance Foodie and the Recipe Can.

Greeted by Lori Peljovich who designed and opened boYo two years ago today with a “cocktail” in hand we were treated to an evening of tasting all the yogurts boYo served along with other favorites.   Yes, original yogurt is always on the menu, the menu does change and you can enjoy such flavors as Black and Blue (blackberries and blueberries), Iced Coffee and banana to name a few, swirled or not it is your choice.  Although we did not get to taste honeydew frozen yogurt, Lori tells us it is fantastic! After the tasting was done, we got to go behind the counter and make our own creations.  The bloggers were creative  in what they made and had fun doing so!  Getting the right flavors and textures to bring something up to the next level was important to them.

Back in the 70’s which I remember well when the frozen yogurt trend first started before it disappeared, living and working in NY, lunch was always a plain frozen yogurt with fresh fruit.  I can’t help it, it brings back wonderful memories and I continue with plain frozen yogurt and fresh fruit to this day! So my do it yourself creation was my old staple!

But boYo is not all about frozen yogurt, treat yourself to candy, gelato and Brigham’s ice cream.  You can find it all in one place- boYo!

I am sure Lori’s children  never complain about going to work with their mom, I know I wouldn’t if my mom had a frozen yogurt store, candy shop and ice cream store all in one place.

Visit boYo at 175 Cambridge Street in Boston


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