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Devolving food sensitivities later on in life has forced me to change my diet completely. If you haven’t read my story about my food sensitivities (read my story here:, let me tell you a little bit about my situation. In 2016, I started having problems with foods and discovered that the problem is rapeseed/rapeseed oil, which is also known as canola oil, and rapeseed is also in soy lecithin, which is in most breads and chocolates. That’s when I had to switch to more natural, organic, and allergy-friendly foods.

Looking for new foods I can eat has been challenging and quite of a struggle. I have to read the ingredients of every food product only to find out that there is soy lecithin and/or canola oil listed at the bottom of the list. It gets frustrating and disappointing after a while when you keep picking up different food products only to see that it has an ingredient in it that you can’t eat. After disappointment over disappointment, you pretty much give up on looking for foods. At the last second, when you find something you can eat, you get pretty excited.

The excitement of finding something you can eat is surreal. You pretty much lose hope and give up, until something catches your eye at the last second. That’s when you are filled with enjoyment and almost cry out of happiness. You are pretty much shocked that you found something you can actually eat.

The other day, I was looking for some ice-cream to eat. After looking at multiple ice-creams from so many different companies, I got really disappointed after seeing that every ice-cream container I looked at had soy lecithin in it. I pretty much gave up, lost hope, and was ready to leave until, at the last second, I found some allergy-friendly ice-cream. I was so excited that I was ready to cry. Not only is it ice-cream that doesn’t have soy lecithin in it, it is dairy-free ice-cream that can be enjoyed by my family members who are lactose intolerant. It’s a two for one and an extra bonus!

After many attempts of finding foods that I can actually eat, I’ve learned not to lose hope and not to give up as I will eventually find that one product that I can eat. I love seeing all these new allergy-friendly products in grocery stores that get me so thrilled when it catches my eye. I hope one day, to see a whole aisle dedicated to allergy-friendly foods in grocery stores. I would love to see more products that don’t have canola oil and soy lecithin in them.

If you do have to switch to allergy-friendly, organic, and natural foods, I can tell you to not lose hope. Don’t give up. You will find something you can eat, you just have to look for it and keep your hopes up. Most of these allergy-friendly, organic, and natural foods are really delicious and I love tasting the natural flavors that taste sweet and better than artificial flavors. I prefer natural and organic foods over foods with artificial ingredients and I am happy that I had the opportunity to switch to healthier and natural foods. Sometimes things need to change for the better.

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