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I hope everyone’s been using this week as an excuse to indulge at local bakeries and restaurants. Boston is full of delicious desserts, and restaurants participating in Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer are donating a portion to their profits in the name of breast cancer research and patient care. See the complete list here!
Since you’ve got dessert covered, let’s talk dinner.

It seems like shakshuka has been all over the food blogs in the past few months, and for good reason. I had never had it until my friend suggested I make it, and since then, it’s become an almost weekly …


Sweet potato and Black Bean Parfaits

Sometimes I put on airs. I just like to be fancy on a semi-regular basis. But a lot of the time, I just fake myself out so I think I’m being fancier than I really am. That means pouring cheap gin into Hendrick’s bottles, eating ice cream out of dainty dessert glasses, and always drinking seltzer. (Why drink still water when you can have bubbly?)
A good way to achieve health in your snobbery is to put on airs at lunch. Bringing lunch to work isn’t the fanciest occupation, especially when it’s comprised of the lowly potatoes and beans. Unless you call it …


Buffalo chicken salad

We can never have enough buffalo chicken in my house. We can’t order a pizza if it’s not buffalo chicken. We make wing burgers and buffalo chicken quesadillas and, my personal favorite, buffalo chicken salad. This dish is a healthy(ish) way to indulge in your buffalo chicken craving and an easy week-night meal.

Buffalo Chicken Salad
For two
1 large chicken breast
1/3 cup Frank’s Red Hot buffalo sauce
1 romaine heart
3 stalks celery
1 red bell pepper
1 large carrot
5 radishes
2 small tomatoes
1/3 cup bleu cheese dressing
Preheat oven to 375F. Slice chicken breast in half, rub with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Bake for 15 …


Sweet potato quinoa burgers

A few weeks ago I posted a recipe for sweet potato and white bean burgers, and after that I got into a little meatless burger kick. What I’ve found is I really like adding a sweet potato, which does the double duty of being delicious and nutritious but also helps bind the patty. Instead of adding beans, it’s also fun to add a grain like quinoa.

Sweet potato quinoa burgers
1 sweet potato
1 cup cooked quinoa
1 egg
1/2 tsp cumin
1/4 tsp cayenne
Dash of ground ginger
Dash of cinnamon
Salt and pepper
Prick potato all over and microwave 10 minutes, flipping halfway through. Set aside until cool …


The Summer Grain Bowl

Ah, the Grain Bowl. It has many iterations, and although the little tea room that once sold it has gone out of business, I make it my business to revive it every so often.
The basic elements of a Grain Bowl are raw vegetables (the green salad that makes up the base), a hot grain (or in this case, lentils), and cooked vegetables over the top. In the fall, I like to make Grain Bowls with roast ed maple root vegetables. But in the summer, I love some roasted asparagus and tomatoes, fresh basil, and spinach dressed in balsamic.
Making each component takes …


Salad City

Being a vegetarian means salad is one of my most beloved food genres. Packed full of nutrients and vitamins, with endless additions and options, salad never gets old for me. I usually have a salad for either lunch or dinner, sometimes both, whether it be a greek salad loaded with tomatoes, kalamata olives and feta, or a Carlton salad with candied pecans, raisins and avocados. I just can’t seem to get enough salad!
When it comes to preparing delightful salads in my own kitchen it can be a little trickier. Having all the fresh veggies at hand, or in fridge, almost …


Slap Happy

Last week while I was chatting on the phone with my cousin who lives in Salem, MA, she mentioned her newest kitchen gadget that she just can’t get enough of. When I told her that I’d never heard of it she was taken aback. So I did a little research of my own, and I, too, soon became seduced by the wonder of what is the Slap Chop.
A small, handheld device, with a hollow core and a W-shaped blade concealed within the body of the gadget, the Slap Chop minces and dices a plethora of foods. By “slapping” the lever on the …


Pineapple Perfection

Fruit has always been known as nature’s candy, and for good reason. It’s sweet, juicy and delicious. And we all know the best part is the loads of vitamins that, unfortunately, are not included in the Ferrero Rocher chocolates and Lindor Truffles that filled so many stockings on Christmas morning.
But when 2012 rolls around, and all the New Year resolutions are back in action, you’ll be ready to fill up on the healthy stuff thanks to the amazingly simple Pineapple Slicer from Crate&Barrel. Whole pineapples are decorative and delicious, but many opt for buying the pre-sliced chunks or canned rings to …


Easy to make Date Nut Bread

This summer, my daughter is suggesting foods she would like me to make for her while she is busy studying for the bar exam.  I am obliging her wishes.
Her first request was a date nut bread.  Knowing that she has many Clean Eating cookbooks I went on a Google search through  for a healthy date nut bread since I know how she watches how much fat is in what she eats.
My Google search came up with this recipe for Date Nut Bread  from allrecipes.com and this is the recipe I tried. It was not the date nut bread I was …