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Being a vegetarian means salad is one of my most beloved food genres. Packed full of nutrients and vitamins, with endless additions and options, salad never gets old for me. I usually have a salad for either lunch or dinner, sometimes both, whether it be a greek salad loaded with tomatoes, kalamata olives and feta, or a Carlton salad with candied pecans, raisins and avocados. I just can’t seem to get enough salad!

When it comes to preparing delightful salads in my own kitchen it can be a little trickier. Having all the fresh veggies at hand, or in fridge, almost never happens. And sometimes even just thinking about washing, chopping and tossing all the goods can be over whelming.

A salad spinner is a tool any veggie-lover should own. I remember helping my mother make caesar salads when I was younger, I was in charge of working the salad spinner. I would wash the lettuce and then toss it into the spinner and work my hardest to get rid of every last bit of moisture. But after a year or so our manual salad spinner took it’s last breath and we had to can the old fellow.

So today I’m here to introduce to you the OXO Salad Spinner from Chefs. The large colander holds plenty of lettuce for the whole family. And you don’t even need to tire your arms because with the push of a button the spinner starts and then stops.

Toss your rinsed leaves into the gadget and after a minute or so they come out dry, crisp and ready to be covered in dressing. No more hand drying your lettuce leaves with paper towels, or worse, eating salad that is still drenched in water.

The OXO Salad Spinner is at the top of the salad spinning food chain and is available from for $29.99. The sleek and stylish container allow for easy storing and has serious dinner-party potential.

So try something that’s good, and good for you, next time hunger strikes, and let the OXO Salad Spinner be the key component to your salad creations.

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