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Last week while I was chatting on the phone with my cousin who lives in Salem, MA, she mentioned her newest kitchen gadget that she just can’t get enough of. When I told her that I’d never heard of it she was taken aback. So I did a little research of my own, and I, too, soon became seduced by the wonder of what is the Slap Chop.

A small, handheld device, with a hollow core and a W-shaped blade concealed within the body of the gadget, the Slap Chop minces and dices a plethora of foods. By “slapping” the lever on the top of the gadget, which allows the blade to pulse downward, your desired foods will be chunked into perfect pieces as if a master chef had done the chopping. And you can either chop right on your cutting board or use the container included to keep your chopped stuff concealed.

Slap Chop as seen on TV

I was able to see the gadget first-hand when I helped celebrate my dear cousin’s birthday this past Monday. And to my amazement it chopped our onions, peppers and celery to perfection and helped speed the process of our tasty stir-fry.

The Slap Chop quickly and easily dices veggies for salads, soups and stews with only a few swift motions of the hand. Creating chunks of fruit for fruit salads or to top your yogurt parfait becomes fast, easy and fun. Try putting an assortment of fruits like strawberries, bananas and kiwis into the Slap Chop and in only seconds you have toppings for your frozen yogurt, just like your own homemade Pinkberry, yum!

This gadget is also awesome for chopping nuts to sprinkle into baking recipes, trail mixes or to simply snack on. And cheese is just another treat that can be chopped, cubed and instantly enjoyed. Once you’re done slapping and chopping, the gadget breaks down into three pieces for easy cleaning.

Some of you may have seen this item on late-night infomercials, but if not you can watch the full video here. And if you’re still skeptical, this guy’s enthusiasm might just sway your appetite for the Slap Chop.

Very similar to the ‘Quick Chop’, the basic idea of a hand-held chopper is made by multiple retailers. The Slap Chop is available online at for $19.95.

Some reviews said the Slap Chop wasn’t so wonderful when it comes to dicing tomatoes because it doesn’t cut through the skin well and turns them more into mush. Potatoes are also not recommended for the Slap Chop because they’re a tad too hard for the blade.

A similar version called the OXO Chopper is sold by Crate&Barrel for the same price of $19.95.

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