So now that I know I still have to work on making the perfect marshmallow for my s’mores, the question turns to the chocolate. What chocolate do you use for your s’mores?

I use Hershey’s chocolate bars since it breaks so easy and fits so well on my graham cracker.  Should the chocolate be melted?  How melted should the chocolate be?  Does the warm marshmallow melt the chocolate enough? In my trials the marshmallows did not melt the chocolate enough for my taste.  I couldn’t really tell that the chocolate melted at all.  So, I put the finished s’more on a piece of foil on my grill and heated them briefly.

Yes, the marshmallow and chocolate were oozing everywhere and it was not the easiest to eat neatly, but the warm graham crackers, gooey marshmallow and melted chocolate worked for me! I only wish the marshmallow had a bit of the crunch it gets when it is toasted to a dark brown color right before it gets charred.

So I will try and try again until I get it right, but in the meantime, I will keep the wet wipes handy!

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