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S’mores- The Marshmallow….

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What do you do to get the perfect marshmallow for your s’mores? Is the marshmallow supposed to be crunchy and brown? Char burnt?  Or roasted over the heat to become soft and gooey?

I tried marshmallows 3 ways; unfortunately a 4th way was not available to me.  Using Campfire Roaster Marshmallows for my experiment, I soon realized maybe a smaller marshmallow might have been better for my s’mores! My mission was to find a way to make the perfect marshmallow for my s’mores!

Method 1:  Gas Grill- I could not brown marshmallows on my gas grill but the marshmallow did come out soft and gooey which was a good consistency for a s’more.

Method 2:  The Oven -I then broiled a marshmallow (I could have even roasted the marshmallow) until it was nicely browned but the marshmallow was only brown and toasty one side.

Method 3:  A Match – Then I tried a skewer with the marshmallow and used a match to get the marshmallow nice and burnt.  (Burnt marshmallows are a favorite snack of mine.)

Method 4:  A Campfire – I had no campfire to roast a marshmallow and that is truly my one big regret. I think that would have been the best preparation for the marshmallow.

The marshmallows were nice and gooey, but did not have the taste of I was looking for so I guess this is still a work in progress and I will not stop until I find the taste I am looking for!

No matter how the marshmallow was prepared it did not melt the chocolate when the s’more was assembled.  Was I expecting too much or should the chocolate be melted at all?

Too be continued….

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