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Wenxuan Li

It’s always exciting to see people from different parts of the world coming together to create positive change. Bakes for Breast Cancer (B4BC) is fortunate to have such individuals who, through their diverse perspectives and experiences, bring in fresh ideas to accelerate our mission to fight breast cancer. This article follows the story of Wenxuan Li, a Content Writer whose unique perspective has helped shape how we share our stories.

Wenxuan Li was born and raised in China, where she was an excellent student with broad interests. Her global outlook toward life sparked her desire to study in the US and learn about different cultures. While unsure about what to study in college, she gradually became interested in international affairs due to her high school studies in comparative politics, US history, and the Japanese language. This led her to pursue a degree at Boston University, where she is currently a rising sophomore planning to major in international relations and Japanese.

Desiring to do something meaningful during her summer vacation, Wenxuan joined B4BC in May of 2022 because she wanted to contribute to our organization’s cause and develop a  better understanding of the non-profit sector.

In just under two months, Wenxuan has already established herself as a valuable member of the team. She works alongside other interns to tell inspiring stories that help raise awareness about breast cancer research. Her work entails pitching blog ideas, conducting research, planning and coordinating interviews, and drafting captivating articles. She also frequently meets with Carol Sneider, our founder/president, to discuss and develop her stories. 

Her communication, cooperation, and writing skills have proven to be great assets in her work here as a Content Writer. But her internship at B4BC has also allowed her to hone other skills that will help her down the road.

“Carol encourages me to brainstorm and come up with my own ideas, which has really improved my creativity and critical thinking skills,” she explained. “I have also become more confident in communicating with people in the workplace and now have a better sense of how working in a non-profit organization is like.” 

Although Wenxuan is not entirely sure what she wants to do after graduating from BU, she is thinking of pursuing a career in international organizations, public interest, or social affairs. She is also considering doing a master’s and doctorate degree, preferably in diplomacy. 

In her free time, Wenxuan loves listening to music and podcasts, cooking with friends, and watching Japanese anime. One of her favorite treats is dark chocolate cake, which she hopes to see in our charity events this year.

We’re extremely grateful to have Wenxuan on our team and we’re excited to see what the future has in store for her. 

Don’t forget to follow our LinkedIn page for the next installment in our Intern Spotlight Series.  To support breast cancer research, you can register your establishment for one of our charity events, buy a sweet treat near you, or donate directly to our cause. 


Written by Chelsea Oryango

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