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In the Kitchen

My Favorite Little Whisk!

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I can’t tell you where I found this little “magic” whisk but it is one of the best kitchen gadgets that I own.  In fact I don’t believe in having just one of these little whisks, I have at least 3 hanging around my kitchen and they are used all the time.

The whisk might be small but it does a great job! I use it to beat eggs, when I make salad dressings, my German pancake batter and just about anything that needs to be mixed. It does the job and you don’t need to use a big whisk that won’t fit into a small bowl!  It is all in the design!  This whisk might look a bit different but it works better than anything I used before! I can’t live without it!

Google magic whisk, get one and try it for yourself!




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