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Is there any such thing as too much garlic? Some would say yes, and I used to be the first to agree. But over the past couple of years I stopped caring about my fresh breath and started indulging in the delicious flavor whenever possible.

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When I think of my favorite fully garlic-loaded food my mother’s caesar salad is the first thing that comes to mind. Her homemade dressing isn’t creamy like the typical caesar dressing you’re probably used to. Instead, it’s olive oil based with lots of lemon juice and A LOT of fresh garlic. She even tosses the lettuce in freshly pressed garlic before she adds the dressing for a little extra kick. And the parmesan cheese is like the icing on the cake that pulls it all together. Yum!

Any garlic-lover must have a state-of-the-art garlic press. Peeling and chopping the fresh cloves with a knife is doable, but that’s time consuming and leaves your fingers stained with the strong smell.

The Rosale Garlic Press from Williams-Sonoma is heavy duty and highly effective. No need to peel it first, just add the cloves and effortlessly press to release your fresh garlic into your sauces and salads. The skins are kept behind and you’re left with enough fresh garlic to repel any vampire lurking around outside.

And the positive health factors of eating garlic just add to the reasons for needing a good press! Some studies suggest eating lots of garlic can reduce the risk of some diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Rosale Garlic Press from Williams-Sonoma

The Rosale Garlic Press has a sleek design and is dishwasher safe for a very easy clean-up. Priced at $39.00 it’s a must have for any garlic-friendly cook who is sick of the mincing misery. The Rosale Garlic Press is available online at or at any Willams-Sonoma store. Buy it for yourself, or give it as a gift, because no one can deny the powerful flavor garlic adds to a dish!

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