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Chicago DogSo I find myself in the Windy City in time for the first game of the Stanley Cup Playoff with the Boston Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks. Unfortunately tickets for the first game are a little out of my price point. But know for sure I will be watching the game with other Bruin fans on Wednesday evening!

What awaits the Bruin fans when they arrive in Chicago? A Chicago Hot Dog of course! In all my years visiting Chicago I have never tried this delicacy before. Being from New York, I grew up on grilled hot dogs with sauerkraut and deli mustard.

Seeing what goes on a true Chicago style hot dog, did not appeal to me, it had too much on the hot dog. But Boston hockey fans should treat themselves to a Chicago Hot Dog and with each bite remember you are taking a bite from the Blackhawks. Boston fans are strong and the Bruins showed New York and Pittsburg how they take care of business. Now they will show Chicago just what they can do starting Wednesday evening

But when in Chicago, try their hot dogs!

A traditional Chicago dog, is steamed (grilled if you like but that is not traditional) with a natural casing so it has a snap to the hot dog. The hot dog is placed in a poppy-seed bun with yellow mustard added. Brown mustard and Dijon will make the hot dog not an authentic Chicago Dog. Then the following gets added: fine diced onion, relish, thin wedges of tomato, a kosher dill pickle spear, two sport peppers and celery salt.

I liked it but I have to try it again. The problem I had was I could not get the perfect bite – a bite with a combination of all of the flavors. I was especially looking forward to getting that taste of the celery salt. My mouth was just not big enough no matter how hard I tried to get that perfect bite. Of course everything in the hot dog went all over the place and I felt quite uncoordinated eating the hot dog. The next I try the Chicago Dog I will have to use a fork and knife! I know that is not how a hot dog should be eaten but I have little choice if I want to get that perfect bite!

When Chicago comes to Boston, they can enjoy great hot dogs along with our famous Boston Baked Beans. It us after all what we are known for!

I might not have been able to take a bite out of the Chicago Hot Dog, but I will be screaming and rooting for our home team the Boston Bruins loud and clear from someplace in Chicago!

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