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While I was abroad in Barcelona last semester, I was able to travel a lot on weekends to other countries. This met experiencing a bunch of different cultures, including the food. It’s amazing how much food can vary from country to country. And a lot of the time, countries will have the same food item, but it will taste completely different in each one. Pizza, for example, tasted amazing in Rome, but back in Barcelona, it was essentially just bread with minimum cheese on top, not exactly what I was looking for.

A lot of the places I visited have a high volume of tourists, and for a lot of people, vacation is a chance to eat dessert without feeling the least bit guilty. The cities definitely cater to this crowd, meaning lots of excellent desserts. So here, I present to you, a breakdown of the best ones that each city has to offer!

Barcelona, Spain – Chocolate and Waffles


This is possibly the best dessert I had in all of Europe. It comes from Chocolate Box, a Barcelona cafe chain with locations throughout the city. There are other restaurants and cafes that sell the same thing, but you will be disappointed by them if you’ve already tried Chocolate Box. They give you a waffle, heated on the inside but still crunchy on the outside. You then pick a flavor of ice cream to go on top. I almost always picked Ferrero Rocher, a chocolate ice cream with bits of the brands candy mixed in. They finish it off by drizzling chocolate syrup over it with cinnamon sugar on the side. The combination of warm waffles and cold ice cream is perfect.

Paris, France- Macaroons


Paris had more bakeries than anywhere else I saw in Europe, yet the best Macaroons I experienced came from the airport of all places. I accidentally booked my flight to the Beauvais airport,  located over an hour outside the city, instead of the one centrally located in Paris. But the macaroons made the mistake a little better. They consist of a cookie with a rich cream in the middle, and come in a bunch of flavors from chocolate to pistachio. Since most places sell tiny ones, you can try a few different kinds.

Granada, Spain- Churros with Chocolate


Granada is a city in Southern Spain well known for their churros with chocolate. Pretty much every restaurant you go to will offer it. The orders come in huge serving sizes and they’re so cheap, I don’t think I paid more than a euro or two when I split it with someone. The churros themselves are long, thin pieces of fried dough. They are served with a cup of hot, melted chocolate on the side for dipping. The good thing about them is that even if your not a chocolate person, you can still enjoy just the churros. They even taste delicious on their own!

Amsterdam, Holland – Crepes


Amsterdam is a relatively small city compared to the other ones that tourists usually visit, but that doesn’t stop it from having a large selection of places to eat at. My hostel was located next to a little restaurant called Crepes and Waffles, a hole in the wall that I never would have noticed if the front desk worker at our hostel hadn’t recommended it to me. I originally didn’t order anything, but once I tried a bite of my friends chocolate crepe, I knew I had to get my own. The crepes are made of a very thin pancake that’s folded over into the shape of a triangle. The inside is filled with Nutella spread, and the outside is covered in chocolate sauce and powered sugar. It’s a chocolate lover’s dream!

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