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Hello everyone! My name is Urey and I’m currently a grad student at Emerson College in Boston. I’ve only been in Boston for a little over a year after moving here from Toronto.

I’ve always enjoyed baking. I grew up in Nigeria and my mom and sisters and I used to spend a lot of time making cakes and cookies from scratch, and I watched my aunts making Nigerian snacks. Living away from my family, I try to bake as much as I can, trying to perfect snacks from my childhood and challenge myself with new, and more difficult recipes.

As a reader of food blogs, I’m excited to be getting the chance to try my hand at it. I’ll be blogging mostly about new baking and food trends, and occasionally, relevant and seasonal recipes and tips. I’ll be posting on Wednesdays, and I’ll try my best to keep you up to date on what’s new in the baking world.

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