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On January 11, 2008 is the day my hand bumped into my chest and noticed a lump. Followed by a visit to the PCP and then mammogram, ultrasound followed by a core biopsy. I had my surgery on the 28th of January. Chemotherapy started on the 27th of February. My cancer spread to my spine in April 2009. Five years to the day I had to switched to like my 7th or 8th treatment. It has been an unbelievable journey that I wish no one else to go on. I am so glad that I have so many great friends and family to join my on my journey. They noticed a little spot on my liver which is not cool. It was noticed before but now it can be measured. It takes a little while for me to get used to new treatments, I hope this one is quick. I am venting a little now, But I promise I will take the bull by the horns and get right back on track. It has been a tough holiday season with Fiona’s mom dying on Christmas day. She was a great women and is definitely missed. There will many more upbeat post in the future, I just wanted to bring everyone up to date. Scans results are tough, especially when they are not good. I will put a plan together to kick some butt.
February 15 should be the time I am on Rock Center at 10 pm, so check it out. I will let you know if there are any changes. My wife and daughter should also be on the show. They are both my rocks and tough ones.
Peace and Love Believe

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  • carol says:

    Peter our thoughts and prayers are with you! We know you are going to kick butt as you say. You can vent with us anytime. Our thoughts are with Fiona and your family on the loss of her mother.

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