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It is amazing when you are on a show once a week for 8 weeks how many people recognize you on the street, want to talk to you and get your autograph!  How you are asked to do appearances and get paid well for doing them! Jason Santos still feels he is the same person he was before he made Hell’s Kitchen and is trying to balance what the public wants from him and what he needs for himself.  It surprises Jason that someone wants his autograph while he is at a Dunkin’Donuts!  He is still getting adjusted to being noticed when out and about and was recently surprised when he mentioned on Facebook he would be at the Apple store and 900 people came to see him!  We can only imagine now since more time has passed and more are following Jason on Facebook what a post saying he will be somewhere will generate!

But Jason realizes without being on Hell’s Kitchen all of this would not be happening to him right now! Now Hell’s Kitchen Season 7 is being seen in countries around the world and more people will get to know Jason!

So what is next for Jason Santos?  Learning how to juggle being a chef, running a restaurant  –  Gargoyles On the Square, being in the public eye and getting some well deserved rest and yes writing two books! Did I mention he also would like to do a TV show?

What type of book does Jason have in mind?  It has to have a story, be entertaining and witty; a good fun light read and has recipes!

Jason will be a busy man for some time to come.  We are sure he is in the need of a vacation to recharge his batteries.  But in the meantime, we hope he is enjoying every minute of this experience and all the changes that have come about since and as a result of his appearance on Hell’s Kitchen Season 7!

Jason’s journey is exploding and it is nice to watch it as it unfolds! We will share more of our interview with Jason in future entries on our blog.

Next entry, get to know more about the chef, his likes and where he likes to go!

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