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Meet Jason Santos, Hell’s Kitchen Season Seven Runner-Up who’s Star is Shining!

I had seen the commercials on Fox for Gordon Ramsey’s Hell Kitchen but hearing Gordon’s screaming did not appeal to me. I never watched the show until the summer of 2010, season 7 to be exact when 2 contestants from Boston were on the show. You have to root for the home team! I got drawn into the drama of Hell’s Kitchen! Each week that the Ben Knack and Jason Santos made it through to another week, I could not wait until the show was on again!

But I saw something in Jason Santos, the blue-haired chef from Gargoyles on the Square in Somerville and was rooting for him and I was sure the door would open for him and he would be the winner of the Hell’s Kitchen season 7, the job and money that went along with it! Yes, I was surprised that Jason did not win but after doing some research and learning the history, it all makes sense to me now!

I realized after the finale that this was television at its finest and with no past history of the show I had a lot to learn about Hell’s Kitchen.

So after the initial press died down a bit, I wanted to meet and interview Jason Santos because I truly believe even though he did not win Hell’s Kitchen, this would not be the last we heard about Boston’s own Blue Jay! I wanted to learn more about this special chef who took Hell’s Kitchen by storm and played the game so well.

We sat down at Gargoyles on the Square for an interview which I hope you will enjoy!  I can say it was a pleasure to have met Jason and we have a date in a year to catch up on this new journey he is about to embark on!

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