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Castagnaccio- A Chestnut Flour Cake!

My recent trip to Livorno, Italy- a part of Tuscany on the clear Mediterranean Sea was filled with seeing friends, eating, cooking and of course lots of talking!
One of the most special times and there were many special times during my trip to Italy was on the last evening of my trip;  my friend made a secret family dessert for me, showed me how to make it and shared the family recipe with me. This is not a recipe that they make often and there is competition in the family on who truly makes the best Castagnaccio. I don’t have …


Chile Olive Oil and Boston Bakes For Breast Cancer

Last night was the debut of my freelance chef company! We will be specializing in catering and private parties. I was asked to do an event for Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer, in support of an up and coming olive oil company named Chile Olive Oil. The competition was to create a dessert using the olive oil and making it so you can taste it in all the ingredients. The winner would have the chance to donate $1000 dollars to Boston Bakes for Breast cancer in his or her name; they would also get a write up from Chili Olive …


Calling All Sandwiches

eggplant panini from acefitness.org
The sandwich has been a luncheon trademark for as long as I can remember. Satisfying and nutritious, there are endless options waiting to be stuffed between a couple slices of bread for a mid-day meal. From club sandwiches to tea sandwiches to wraps and flat-breads; one of my most beloved has to be the Panini.
Crispy on the outside with a golden crust and a warm, melty inside makes the panini irresistible.
And now you no longer have to eat-out to get your panini fix. The Giada Gourmet Panini Maker from Target is what you’ve been waiting for. It’s …


Elevation Burger! Quality Fast Food!

When I am traveling, I have to check out some local food establishment to make my trip special, places that I can’t find at home.  I have traveled more than usual lately and want to tell you about some of the interesting places I found. I have a lot to share and hope you will share with me where your travels took you and what great food you enjoyed on your trip!
Today I am starting with my most recent trip to Virginia where I found two very interesting places.

First let me tell you about Elevation Burger in Arlington, Virginia.  It …