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Elevation Burger! Quality Fast Food!

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When I am traveling, I have to check out some local food establishment to make my trip special, places that I can’t find at home.  I have traveled more than usual lately and want to tell you about some of the interesting places I found. I have a lot to share and hope you will share with me where your travels took you and what great food you enjoyed on your trip!

Today I am starting with my most recent trip to Virginia where I found two very interesting places.

First let me tell you about Elevation Burger in Arlington, Virginia.  It is near the dog bakery Dogma.  When I saw some people eating their burgers outside, I knew I could not go back to Boston without trying an Elevation Burger.  Elevation Burger is based in Virginia with locations in 8 states but not yet in Massachusetts.  They believe in “elevating” the quality of the ingredients they use. They keep their menu simple and the product as fresh as possible. They use organic beef for their burgers; olive oil for their fresh cut fries and offers milk shakes or what we in Massachusetts call a frappe.  I was excited!

We were bringing in dinner that night and ordering online was fun and simple; a menu popped up and each of us was able to check off what we wanted and how we wanted it until all was ordered.  When I went to pick up the food, they knew exactly who I was!

For fast food, this was a good burger made your way!  The fries were good but I was too full to finish them because of the great chocolate shake I ordered and had to finish!  Even after an hour the fries were still pretty good.

Tomorrow Backyard Barbeque!

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