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Mercato Centrale in Livorno, Italy

A trip to Livorno must include a visit to the Mercato Centrale.  For foodies and food lovers this is the place to go!  The Mercato is massive where you can find everything you would ever need from household items, dog food, seafood, meats, cheeses, breads, wine, fresh fruits and vegetables and anything else you can imagine! Everything was the freshest you could get!

Cruise ships even give tours to their passengers of the Mercato as I would see them often on their tour.  But outside the Mercato there are still more vendors selling everything from buttons to boots and even more …


To Market, to Market!

We’re at our first “pit stop” of the day at Market inside of the W Hotel. Weren’t we pleasantly surprised to find out not only are they not only serving just one dessert like we originally thought, but four! They are all displayed beautifully in the middle of the dining room. They have a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting that has been a huge hit! Also featured is a strawberry cake with white chocolate filling, devil’s food cake with chocolate buttercream, and last but certainly not least a toasted coconut cake! YUM!
The W Hotel in Boston, dessert menu, …


Avid foodie excited to help

As the latest member of the Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer team I am excited to be assisting    with one of Boston’s tastiest non-profits, one sweet at a time. In serving as Boston Bakes’      marketing coordinator intern I am eager to help raise money for breast cancer research and help the organization continue to grow.
Once I heard about the opportunity to work with Boston Bakes I could not say no. I hold the  cause close to my heart seeing that my grandmother battled breast cancer at a late age. I  always am looking for ways to support …