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A Prescription for Healthy Living: How Diet and Exercise Can Help Cancer Patients

A Prescription for Healthy Living: How Diet and Exercise Can Help Cancer Patients

A patient’s treatment plan for fighting cancer doesn’t stop at the hospital door. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, in terms of diet and exercise, is especially important for cancer patients in reducing stress, minimizing side effects, and boosting energy levels to power through treatment and recovery.
More than 93 million American adults could be counted as obese in 2016, according to the most recently available data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  “Obesity not only increases the risks of developing cancer; it also increases the risks of complications …


Zucchini Bread recipe from 2018 honoree Toni Berry

Every family has that one recipe that is famous to all of its members. That one recipe that is always the star of any family gathering no matter what the entrée is. A recipe passed down from generation to generation, while always staying the same. We are going to share one of those recipes with you now. For the family of Toni Berry that recipe is her famous zucchini bread, made from zucchinis from her garden. The recipe comes from Tom Berry, Toni’s son Culinary Director of COJE Management who has been a longtime participant in our event.

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Chocolate Banana Bread

Chocolate lovers, we have a banana bread for you. It’s a moist banana bread that has the perfect chocolate flavor that doesn’t overpower the banana flavor. If you like banana bread and you like chocolate covered bananas, then this is the perfect bread for you. What better way to start off your morning with a little bit of chocolate mixed with bananas to give you some energy.
Bananas are good for supplying your body the right amount of potassium, fiber, and magnesium it needs. Just one banana contains 467 mg of potassium, which is important for controlling your heart rate and …


Sweet Potato Salad

Did you know that sweet potatoes are full of nutrition and health benefits? According to Natural News, sweet potatoes have superior fiber content, large amount of vitamin B6 (good for your heart), vitamin A (good for your skin), manganese (supports healthy blood sugar levels), and vitamins C & E (antioxidants).
I’ve always been a fan of sweet potato – baked whole, as fries, in sushi, and even in sandwiches. I first tried sweet potato salad at New England Soup Factory in Brookline, MA, and fell in love at first bite. NESF (a Boston Bakes participant) doesn’t always have it available, but …


The Importance of Giving

I didn’t blog last week because I was dealing with a death in my family. My dear great uncle passed away due to complications from Alzheimer’s. It was a terrible reminder of how an incurable illness can overcome an otherwise healthy person. Though the physical symptoms of Cancer and Alzheimer’s differ, the effect on family and quality of life are similar in many ways. Hospital stays, many and varied medications, side effects, and the sad decline in health are all the same.
And of course, these are just two of many incurable diseases people are facing daily. Research and advancement in …


Getting Nutty

nuts heart from worldtruth.tv
One food that is often neglected in our day-to-day diet is the nut.
Nuts have a healthy reputation, with high amounts of protein and fiber, as well as healthy sources of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E.
Nuts are believed to help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Not to mention they’re just SO delicious!
So instead of reaching for pretzels or popcorn to munch we should be cracking pistachios and peanuts.
Nuts are also a fabulous addition to cooking and baking. Today’s gadget, the Progressive Nut Chopper, will have you going nuts in the kitchen!
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Hot Summer, Hot Flashes

Last night was the first time I have slept through the night in more than a week. Every summer since beginning tamoxifen in 2008, I have had at least one instance of a week or two where my hot flashes and night sweats are so bad that I can’t sleep well for days on end. The pattern is that I will sleep for about an hour, wake up sweltering and sweaty, kick off the blankets, fall back asleep for 10 minutes, and then wake back up freezing and cover up. Repeat eight times and that’s my night. Sound familiar?
It’s important …


Lemon Lovin’

lemonade from cooksillustrated.com
Pink or yellow, sweet or sour, fresh or frozen: it doesn’t matter how you spin it, lemonade and summertime go hand-in-hand. I remember sitting at the end of my driveway selling lemonade from a cooler, arguing with my sister about who gets to collect the cash. I was about seven years old and making anything over $10.00 a day was a fortune.
takeya lemonade maker
So why not bring yourself back to those childhood days with the flavor of fresh squeezed lemonade. The Takeya Flash Chill Lemonade Maker makes it easy to squeeze and store the sweet nectar all within …


Here is to 2012!

Where does the time go!  2011 was a fantastic year for Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer and we have many good things to look forward to in 2012! With your help and support we can make anything possible!
It is time to make those annual New Year’s resolutions.   Most of our resolutions have a short life span.  I guess it is the nature of the beast.  We hope you have more success with your New Year’s resolutions.
There are many ways to ring in the New Year! May you have a wonderful, safe New Year’s Eve no matter what your plans are!  …