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Carrot Cupcakes

I’m a little obsessed with cupcakes – baking, decorating, and of course, eating these cute morsels. Even though cupcakes seem to be fading from the trendy sweets race, they’re still one of my favorite desserts. I remember when I first became interested in baking during college… I was too intimidated to even attempt following a Martha Stewart recipe. Instead, I’d always reach for a box of Pillsbury cake mix, a red-colored container of Betty Crocker‘s pre-made frosting, and a tube of rainbow sprinkles. Let’s just say that I’ve come a long way these past few years, but I’m still no expert. Now, I …


More Pancakes, Please!

chocolate chip pancakes from recipegirl.com
Chocolate chip pancakes were always my breakfast of choice when I was a kid. The thought of light and fluffy pancakes with sweet chocolate and warm syrup makes my mouth water. Any flavor pancakes, from banana to blueberry to lemon-ricotta, are a delicious breakfast treat.
But when I eventually roll out of bed on Saturday morning, pancakes often seem like a hassle to prepare. So instead of letting the laziness take over and reaching for the cereal box, this little gadget will solve any pancake problems you might have.
pancake dispenser from chefscatalog.com
The Stainless Steel Pancake Dispenser with …


Try an extra virgin olive oil cupcake with crème fraiche!

How good does this cupcake look?  Pretty good to us!  We have so many different types of cupcakes for Boston Bakes but this is our first extra virgin olive oil cupcake with crème fraiche! The only place you can get it is The Seaport Cafe at the Seaport Hotel in Boston!
Let us know how you like, we plan on visiting soon! You are helping to raise money for breast cancer research each time you purchase this cupcake!

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This week, Boston Bakes passed the 200 mark!

What a week in Boston Bakes!  Working on so many projects at once and can’t wait for them to all come together.  But some must remain a secret in the meantime. Many wonderful people have been working to make this happen and when I can share it with you I will.  It is so exciting to be working with many talented people who continue to offer so much of their time and expertise to make this possible for us.  Once I am able to share it, I will introduce you to the people behind my secrets!

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Avid foodie excited to help

As the latest member of the Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer team I am excited to be assisting    with one of Boston’s tastiest non-profits, one sweet at a time. In serving as Boston Bakes’      marketing coordinator intern I am eager to help raise money for breast cancer research and help the organization continue to grow.
Once I heard about the opportunity to work with Boston Bakes I could not say no. I hold the  cause close to my heart seeing that my grandmother battled breast cancer at a late age. I  always am looking for ways to support …