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What a week in Boston Bakes!  Working on so many projects at once and can’t wait for them to all come together.  But some must remain a secret in the meantime. Many wonderful people have been working to make this happen and when I can share it with you I will.  It is so exciting to be working with many talented people who continue to offer so much of their time and expertise to make this possible for us.  Once I am able to share it, I will introduce you to the people behind my secrets!

My time has been spent with these other exciting projects and a bit slow on the participation front. We did cross a major milestone!  We passed 200 participants this week with the addition of all 10 British Beer Company restaurants throughout the state.  We are now in communities like Walpole, Westford and Sandwich for the first time in our Boston Bakes history.  We thank The British Beer Company for their company support of Boston Bakes and look forward to working with them on this year’s event as we are with all of our participants.

We are now in over 80 communities throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Last year we were in only 70 communities. There are 10 new communities participating in Boston Bakes than in 2010! We have a cupcake truck for the first time in 2011. We are on the high seas for the second year in a row. We have desserts that can be shipped to you and places for you to go to enjoy the desserts.

Soon we will talk about desserts! Till next week’s update!

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