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Male breast cancer…..
Someday it will be a word everyone has heard of and familiar with. However, right now most men have no idea they can get this crazy disease. Approximately 2140 men per year are diagnosed and 440 men die from this disease each year.
Thirty years ago is about the time when women really started talking about breast cancer and raising awareness and of course raising a lot of money since then. As money is constantly raised for breast cancer in the Billions we are still no closer to a cure. I am affiliated with a group called NBCC. This group has established a deadline to end breast cancer; January 1, 2020. I totally dig this, someone actually putting a date to end this crazy disease. Two of their main goals are to prevent this disease from ever happening. The other goal is to prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body. Here is where another challenge lies, not having enough of the money that is raised for Breast cancer for Metastatic breast cancer. We need a whole lot of more research dollars going into preventing and curing of this metastatic disease.
I hope you all could enjoy this great holiday season. I think we all have so much to be thankful for. Peace and Love and always LIVESTRONG

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