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Tomorrow, I will be attending the Third Annual Boston Bacon and Beer Festival at The House of Blues in Fenway. I couldn’t be more excited! I tried to attend the event last year, but tickets were sold out in less than five minutes! This year, I made sure I was ready and available to buy the tickets as soon as they were on sale.

Why is the festival so popular? “Everyone loves beer, everyone loves bacon,” event organizer Aaron Cohen told the Boston Herald. It also helps that bacon and beer pair very well together. This made me think of some of the brilliant food/drink pairings that I’ve tried and love.




Besides beer and bacon, I think beer and Mexican food are also excellent together. A cold beer just washes the heat of spicy Mexican foods away like no other drink. According to Epicurious food site and beer experts though, matching the beer with the region does not always work out well. Still, I really enjoy a cold beer with delicious Mexican fare like tacos, fajitas, or tamales.




One of my favorite pairings is the simple milk & cookies, specifically the Oreo cookie. They just go so well together like best friends. I’m not much of a cookie “dunker” but I do enjoy having a nice, cold glass of milk on the side with some Oreo cookies. I’ll have this combination any time of the day and year.




Whenever I eat steak, I love to have a glass of red wine with it.  Not only do they go well together, but the pairing actually makes sense. I had visited Napa Valley Wine Country last year and learned a little bit about wine pairings with foods.  The two should never overpower, and instead, should complement each other. Red wine is ideal for hearty foods, like steak, because the tannins actually cleanse your palate in between bites; therefore, you can enjoy the taste of food even more. Wine/steak combination definitely doesn’t have to be at a fancy restaurant and can be enjoyed in the comforts of your own home.




One of my friends studied abroad in Australia and when she returned to the states, she introduced me to the “Tim Tam Slam.” Tim Tam is a brand of chocolate biscuits, whereas a Tim Tam Slam is a fun way to consume Tim Tams. The process starts with taking a small bite of the opposite corners of the rectangular-shaped biscuit; dip one corner into a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, and then using the biscuit as a straw (essentially), drink the beverage until you taste it becoming soft, then slam the whole thing in your mouth, and enjoy! I have to admit, I’ve never eaten biscuits this way before, but we had a good laugh pretending to be Aussies that day. Arnott’s is the original Australian brand, and Pepperidge Farm also produces Tim Tam biscuits in several flavors – if you want to give it a try.


For more tips on food/drink pairings, check out the Epicurious food site. Do you have any specific combinations that you really enjoy?

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