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Looking for an easy appetizer recipe for your holiday party or for anytime that needs little time to prepare and best of all no cooking?  Look no further than this Clean Eating recipe for Endive Bites!

All you need to make this recipe is:

4 large heads of white and or red endive trimmed and separated into leaves.  There should be 30 leaves

2/3 cup soft goat cheese

5 unsweetened dried figs each cut into 6 pieces

½ tsp fresh ground pepper

1 tbsp raw honey

Fill the end of each endive with 1 tsp of cheese, arrange leaves on a serving platter.

Top cheese with a piece of fig

Sprinkle filled ends with pepper and drizzle with honey

I will admit, when I drizzled the honey and pepper over the endive it took on a life of its own but in the end it did not matter because the endive bites disappeared so quickly I wish I had made more!

Something so simple can certainly be the star of the party!


endive collage

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