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Desserts of Europe

While I was abroad in Barcelona last semester, I was able to travel a lot on weekends to other countries. This met experiencing a bunch of different cultures, including the food. It’s amazing how much food can vary from country to country. And a lot of the time, countries will have the same food item, but it will taste completely different in each one. Pizza, for example, tasted amazing in Rome, but back in Barcelona, it was essentially just bread with minimum cheese on top, not exactly what I was looking for.
A lot of the places I visited have a …


2013 Food City: Toronto

In the list they put together back in January, the editors at Epicurious named Toronto this year’s Food City. And as a native of the city (read: lived there for a year), I’ve decided to give a few reasons why I think it deserves the title.
First the reason why it was on the list: new restaurants. David Chang has three new spinoffs of his Manhattan-based tasting-menu restaurant Momofuku Ko – Shoto, Daisho, and Noodle Bar – which have really done much to raise the food status of the city. Chef Daniel Boulud also opened Café Boulud in the past year, …


Boston Ramen Tour

Lately, all the rave has been about ramen noodles, which appeared on the list of 2013 Food Trends that are spreading across the US. In fact, it’s a major hit in Boston now, as mentioned in Boston Magazine. Like most people, my experience with ramen has been limited to pre-packaged and styrofoam cup versions – a staple back when I lived in the college dorms. Last year, I was introduced to a real bowl of ramen noodles served in a restaurant. Since then, I have tried almost all of the noodle bars in the Boston area and still hungry for more.

My first encounter …


2013 Cuisine: Brazilian part 2

My last post concentrated on desserts only, but seeing as this is the cuisine of the year, it is only proper to do a post on some of the main dishes served as well.
I will admit that I have only ever been to one Brazilian restaurant and the visit involved a lot of grilled meat or churrasco, which was delicious but just a little of what the country has to offer. The country is rich with a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and root tubers. I’ve found that a lot of the food is similar to what I grew up …


2013 Cuisine: Brazilian (desserts)

According to, Brazilian cuisine will gain in popularity this year – most likely because the country is hosting the next World Cup (which isn’t until next year, but it’s never too early to start preparing for it, especially if that preparation involves delicious food).
There is so much to go into, from churrasco (barbeque) to feijoada, a thick stew of black beans, beef, and pork considered the national dish of Brazil, but I’ve decided to concentrate on desserts, highlighting five traditional Brazilian desserts compiled with the help of a Brazilian friend (this list is far from comprehensive).

Brigadeiro via
Brigadeiro: This …


Garlic Goodness

garlic from
One word: Garlic. I use garlic in so many things when I cook. Tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, stir-fried veggies; they all taste so much better when I add a little (but usually a lot more than a little) garlic.
For the amount of garlic I use when I cook it’s surprising that I don’t own a garlic press. Chopping garlic the old fashion way, mincing and slicing on my wooden cutting board, works pretty well. I still get the same delicious flavor, it just takes a little longer and leaves my fingers smelling like garlic for a couple days, …


Middle Eastern Cuisine

As you hopefully I know I recently returned from an amazing trip to Dubai. The city itself was great, very modern and a cool place to visit but the one of the main parts of what made my trip so spectacular was the food. I want to share with you some of the wonderful things I ate while there but I don’t want this to just be a brag-post. Rather I hope this will be an inspirational post on food that you too can enjoy. Middle-Eastern food in general is something I love and it’s a great way to mix …


Tequila & Great Food await you at Temazcal Tequila Cantina!

We recently celebrated a very big birthday at Temazcal Tequila Cantina in the Seaport area of Boston. I chose Temazcal Tequila Cantina because it had an incredible selection of tequila including one of my favorites Don Julio 1942. When I was there previously for drinks the food looked great and I knew I wanted to go back. What a great location! Right on the waterfront I thought sitting as close to the water as possible would make me feel as if I was on holiday. Mexico here I come!
Temazcal Tequila Cantina does not take reservations but I thought if we …


Are American’s Ready for Spice Coast?


Are you ready for Fast Causal Indian Food?
This week on America’s Next Great Restaurant, the question was posed, are American’s ready for fast/casual indian food?    After a presenting a “mushy” indian burger for the kids and families meal concept,Sudhir Kandula of Spice Coast was  at judges table.  Judge Bobby Flay, Chef/Restaurant Owner posed the question, “Are American’s ready for fast/casual Indian Cuisine?”
Interestingly,  Chipotle Owner Steve Ells reminded the judges that American families and children learned to love Mexican food, as it is served at Chipotle. In other words, years ago, when Chipotle first opened, the food was different at the onset, but the …