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Oh my!  Before we know it Easter and Passover will soon be here!  Kitchens will be bustling with activity! Families will be gathering to celebrate!

So why am I so behind the eight ball? Passover! Two days ago I decided to have the first Sedar for Passover where we remember and celebrate the escape of the Jews from the Egyptian Pharaoh over 3000 years ago.  It is the start of an eight day holiday with many things to do to prepare for the holiday.

I am also in the last week of accepting participants for Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer and working 12 hour days!  I don’t know how I am going to do both but somehow will find a way I guess!  It will be what it will be!

This year I will take shortcuts a word not usually in my vocabulary!  I will ask people for more help than usual.  The house won’t be as clean as it should since I have spread out from room to room with papers and files.  I will buy Gefilte Fish instead of making my fish loaf.  I will not make soup; someone else will bring it, along with dessert, fruit and wine!

Since so many of my guests are on diets like the 17 day diet and paleo diet, meat and vegetables are on their menu and I will cut back on the numerous kugels I normally make. A brisket will not be on my menu but a roast or tenderloin will be on my menu along with lots of veggies.   This should help I hope!  I will make one kugel, Passover rolls, and a raspberry macaroon.

So how do I plan?  I use an excel spreadsheet and write my menu on one column and use other columns to start my shopping list!  This way everything is in one place and when someone asks me for a recipe of what I made sometime in the future when I have already forgotten what I made, I know what they are asking it for!   I try to keep all my recipes in a recipe file on my computer and try just to print out what recipes I need.

So it is back to work on my spreadsheet, I will share more of my favorite recipes soon.  I will make it to the market and work at the same time.  It will come together as will my family and together we will celebrate.

Wishing you a wonderful Passover and Easter!

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