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Backyard Barbeque in Arlington Virginia was worth a second visit!

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In Arlington, Virginia there is a nice little storefront called Backyard Barbeque run by a very nice couple.  It is definitely worth a visit in fact I visited it twice during my stay.  Why you might wonder because it was really good!

If you can believe it I have never had pulled pork so we decided to get the pork pack dinner. The pulled pork came in a quart size container, with two side, sauce for the pulled pork and rolls.  We chose cole slaw, macaroni and cheese and added baked beans as well. The pulled pork was moist and delicious and the sauce was perfect with the pork.  Now I understand what the fuss is about with pulled pork.  The real surprise was how they doctor up plain ordinary baked beans to make it a home run.  I could not get enough of the baked beans. They added brisket ends, onions and peppers to their baked beans.  I don’t know what else they added but it was the best beans I have ever tasted.   This was a great dinner!

When you look at their website you might get the impression they offer more food items at any given time.  However, such is not the case.  Don’t go in and expect the entrees on the website to be available.  Barbecue chicken was not available and they put a sign in the storefront when the ribs are ready on Saturday. Everything on the menu on the home page is available.  I noticed they served Sabrett hot dogs– classic hot dog I grew up enjoying in New York.  What makes a Sabrett hot dog so special?  With each bite, the hot dog has a crunch. Before I left, I was going back for the hot dog!  The hot dog was worth going back for!  The hot dogs and rolls were grilled to perfection and with the baked beans a perfect lunch!

They also make desserts! I brought back a classic banana pudding that I could easily finished all by myself.

Next time I am in the area, I plan on going back!

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