On Pi day 3.14, many mathematicians celebrate the famous number by eating the food equivalent: pie.  In honor of this day, pies deserve some recognition on our blog, too.  What I love about these baked goods is the variety of fillings (sweet or savory).  Sometimes, I even prefer dessert pies over cake!  With all the different choices (fruit pies, cream pies, custard pies, and candy/chocolate pies), they are perfect for any occasion and worth celebrating.  For all you pie fans, I do have one question for you: do you fancy the bold and rebellious whoopie pie?

The whoopie pie does not look like a traditional pie with crust.  In fact, it essentially looks like an over-sized Oreo, except it’s more complex.  The texture of the two round, mound-shaped flavored discs is a hybrid cross between cookie and cake.  Meanwhile, the filling may be sweet or creamy.  There has been some talk (sources: Boston.com and Bon Appétit) that these treats may even be the next hot dessert trend for 2011, slowly replacing the cupcake fad.  The origin is inconclusive, but one thing’s for sure: “whoopie pie” is fun to say aloud!

Participating Boston Bakes restaurants/bakeries that specialize in pies or will be dedicating a version of pie to our cause:

How did you celebrate Pi(e) day?  Tell us where you go for your pie fix.

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