What a Sweet Week!

After working on Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer for almost a year, Boston Bakes is half gone and I have not gotten to enjoy all the desserts I want!  There are so many choices but not enough time!

Maybe next year selfishly I will try to make Boston Bakes longer than 7 days to give me more time to get to more restaurants, bakeries, ice cream and chocolate shops and order more on our Shop page and raise even more money for breast cancer!

One stop I did make on the first day of Boston Bakes was to Ula’s Cafe in Jamaica Plain.  Do you want to know how special their red velvet cupcake is?  Well, recently I found out their red velvet cupcakes are made only two times during the year!  That is how special their red velvet cupcakes are!  You can only get them on Valentine’s Day and for Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer!  I call that very special.

So off I went to Ula’s Cafe and I want to go back soon! When I walked into the cafe, all the tables had our tabletents on them and I felt quite at home.  I ordered the red velvet cupcake and their strawberry basil soda, a homemade puree of strawberries with basil and club soda.  Both were delicious!

It was a perfect meal combination!  The cupcake was red and had a lovely chocolate flavor.  The frosting was smooth, creamy, delicate with a hint of chocolate.  I could have enjoyed another cupcake to be honest.  I was in cupcake heaven but there was more!

I am a cold beverage person and love carbonated beverages. The strawberry basil soda was perfection.  I ordered a large and could have had several more.  I hope to make it back again this week to enjoy another red velvet cupcake so I don’t have to wait to Valentine’s Day  along with another large strawberry basil soda.

It was a great way to celebrate Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer and I thank them for sharing a dessert so special to them with us and helping us raise money for breast cancer one sweet at a time!

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