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The Evolution of Dee Dee Ricks Part 4 Breast cancer gave Dee Dee a new job and mission!

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A new mission!

The economy took a downhill turn around the same time Dee Dee Ricks was battling breast cancer. Dee Dee is not one to let things get her down.  She does her best when she piles everything on her plate and makes lemonade out of lemons.    Downsizing, rebuilding a business, caring for her sons and a new mission the fight against breast cancer are now a part of Dee Dee’s life.

Dee Dee does much in the fight against breast cancer.  Although fundraising and being a breast cancer advocate is not her full time job (that belongs to running her business and being a mother), Dee Dee does everything that she can do to help others.

As a fundraiser, we all pick what we want to fund or be involved with from something that has happened to us or what we have seen that we feel is important.  Having lost my mother to breast cancer when I was 16 years old, I wanted to focus my efforts on breast cancer research with the hopes of finding a cure because I do not want another child to go through what I did.  I want to see my child grow up something that my mother was not able to do.  I raise money for breast cancer research.

Dee Dee Ricks grew up poor and very much on her own.  Everything Dee Dee has is a credit to the smart woman she is and as a result of her hard work.  Having health insurance gave Dee Dee the care she needed and she was able to pay her healthcare bills.  Dee Dee knew that all women were not getting the same care she was able to have. Many women did not have the benefit of health insurance and their care and treatment were different. This is the area Dee Dee focuses her time and efforts to in the fight against breast cancer because all women deserve access and a right to quality health care and treatment.

Dee Dee has taken her efforts global!

Dee Dee is a navigational angel and she guides women through their disease and holds their hand, one woman at a time.    A mammogram project in Arkansas provides screening for women who would not have been screened otherwise.  42 women were helped. Dee Dee has been to Harvard as a part of Harvard’s gtf -ccc program for cancer care and control.  Dee Dee and her sons have been off to Washington DC to have her voice heard this October.  Dee Dee has been to Egypt and wants to go back to the Middle East to be a part of their plan in the fight against breast cancer.   This is just the beginning of what Dee Dee wants to do.

We are not done seeing the efforts of Dee Dee Ricks in the fight against breast cancer.  As we have seen when Dee Dee puts her mind to something, she will make it happen.


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