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Wine Dinners at Del Frisco’s

I was recently invited to attend a wine tasting to celebrate the World of Wine Dinner series for the wine enthusiast in all of us at Del Frisco’s in Boston.  After a long week of work with my computer permanently attached to me, I decided it would be nice to get out and do something fun!
I have to be honest, I have never had the time to go and enjoy a wine dinner.  I have been to wine tastings but never to a wine dinner but I was ready to be educated!  I also had never been to Del Frisco’s!  …


Home Cooking in Italy

For the time I was in Livorno,Italy I became very spoiled!  My friend cooked for me lunch and dinner Tuscan style, fresh simple cooking from the freshest of ingredients.  Cooking was quick, simple and delicious.  Meals were simple, prepared simply with minimal use of pots and pans. I can take some lessons since when I cook the recipes have many ingredients and by the time I am done preparing the recipe my kitchen is a mess with dirty bowls, pots and pans!
A visit to the Mercato for meat and freshly pressed hamburgers made to order were on the menu often!  …