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A Tasty Barcelona Dish

Today I leave for the West Coast to visit some of the friends I made while studying abroad in Barcelona! I can’t wait to see them, but thinking about it makes me miss being in Barcelona. I dug up some of the recipes I had from a cooking class I took there so I can make some traditional Barcelona food in my own home. One of the foods I really enjoyed was the Chupito de Sopa de Tomate, a tomato soup shot. The dish is a form of gazpacho, a cold soup dish that is popular all over Spain, especially …


100 Montaditos

There’s a lot that I miss about being in Barcelona, including the food. But the good news is that one of Barcelona’s major chain restaurants, 100 Montaditos, is in the US and spreading quickly. The name translates to 100 Sandwiches in English, and the sandwiches are certainly what the chain is well known for. They’re all fairly tiny, not more then a few inches long, but the idea is to order a few different kinds at once. They’re similar to sliders you would order at a pub, and the menu is huge, offering over 50 different kinds. Some of my …


Tortilla de Patatas

In the U.S. people tend to think of Mexican food when they hear the word tortillas. But in Barcelona, the word has a complete different meaning. A tortilla there is similar to an omelet, and is often made with potatoes. Tortilla de Patatas is a really common item to find at restaurants in Spain, either as a breakfast food or as an appetizer before a meal. But you don’t have to travel to Spain to experience what they taste like! Here’s how to make your own. The serving size will feed four people.


10 oz of potatoes
1 onion
3 eggs
olive oil


Peel and …


A New Food Trend: Goat Cheese

There is a new food trend I’ve been noticing everywhere lately: goat cheese. Goat cheese is exactly what it sounds like, cheese that is made from the milk of a goat rather then the milk of a cow. But what makes it different and where did it come from?

The first time I had goat cheese is while I was living in Barcelona. I went to a local restaurant there, called Milk, for brunch one morning. I’m not big on breakfast foods, so I ordered off the limited lunch menu they offered. I got a salad that included chicken, beets, and …


Desserts of Europe

While I was abroad in Barcelona last semester, I was able to travel a lot on weekends to other countries. This met experiencing a bunch of different cultures, including the food. It’s amazing how much food can vary from country to country. And a lot of the time, countries will have the same food item, but it will taste completely different in each one. Pizza, for example, tasted amazing in Rome, but back in Barcelona, it was essentially just bread with minimum cheese on top, not exactly what I was looking for.
A lot of the places I visited have a …


Paella Recipe

While in Barcelona, I was able to attend a cooking class at Cook And Taste. The local company has an instructor teach you how to cook dishes that are traditionally found in the Catalan region of Spain, such as Tortilla de Patatas (a potato omelette) and Crema Catalana (a milky dessert). I also learned how to cook once of my personal favorites, Paella.  It’s a staple at any Catalan restaurant, along with tapas and sangria. Paella is a rice based dish, usually with some kind of meat or fish, although you can make it vegetarian by omitting the meat and …


Mexican Food in Barcelona

While living in Barcelona, I got to experience a ton of the city’s amazing restaurants. There was everything from traditional Spanish food to Turkish durums. But the food I found myself eating the most was Mexican! Growing up, my family was never really into Mexican food, so it wasn’t until I was about age 12 or 13 that I realized how much I loved it. While Boston certainly has an ample amount of Mexican restaurants, I found them to be practically everywhere in Barcelona. I wish I had time to try them all, but I did get to try a …